Nostradamus’s Prophecies for Year 2000: A Different Calendar?

[Couple of days back there was an interesting discussion on Nostradamus’s prophecies. Someone noted how nothing drastic really happened in year 2000, contrary to what was prophecized by Nostradamus.]

Guruji’s reply: “We primarily look at year 2000 (A.D. – anno Domini) of Gregorian calendar. However, lets consider year 2000 of Vikram Samvata (the Hindu calendar, which is currently running year 2060), which comes to around 1944 A.D.”

“When you look back, many defining events of history took place around that time. Second world war was at its peak, a major destructive power was unleashed upon the world in the form of two atomic bombs. After the war, the political structure of the world had a complete overhaul. Monarchy was swept clean almost everywhere: no one could have ever imagined that kings would be reduced to a common man’s level, the sun over the British empire set, USA and Russia came forward as two super-powers, India gained independence and came forward as world’s biggest democracy, communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims surfaced for the first time at such a mass level, states were divided including partition of India. For the first time, the call for non-violence was made, from India, and that too right in the middle of a war – that was almost inconceivable in olden days. The concept of non-cooperation was put forward as a tool for peaceful protest. These concepts evolved only around year 2000 Vikram Samvata. With the formation of United Nations, all countries came forward to work together for world peace and development. We started talking about equality, human rights, that all men are born equal, one vote per person. With the birth of Israel, after centuries of persecution Jews around the world found a place they could call home! These are not only revolutionary changes, but even evolutionary!.”
“Thus we find that the year 2000 of Vikram Samvata was indeed very significant. Considering all this, it appears more appropriate and accurate to base Nostradamus’s predictions for year 2000 on Vikram Samvata calendar. Its definitely something which requires further research.”


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  1. Thank you Aditya Naredi Ji for posting the precious wordings of Guruji on the Internet. Now we can enjoy Guruji's very valuable thoughts living far away.

    Gurudev Ki Jai,

    Manjul Bhardwaj

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