The story of master Manveer Singh

Some people came to visit Guruji from their village near Meerut. They were almost bursting with excitement. When asked what was the reason, they said they have witnessed one of the most amazing incidents with their own eyes. Here’s the story they told..

Master Manveer Singh had been sick for last few days. On this fateful morning the news of his death spread through the village. Hundreds of people thronged to his house since in the course of his life, he had taught almost everybody in that village, and thus he was well admired and respected. Since his son worked outside, the village elders sent couple of men to fetch him to perform Manveer Singh’s last rites. While the men were gone to fetch his son, the elders prepared the dead body for cremation. They bathed and decorated the body and layed it down on an arthi (bamboo bier/frame on which the dead body is carried to the cremation grounds). Son’s village was a little far off, and the only transportation available was motor-cycle. It would already be evening before the dispatch party could come back. While everybody was waiting, Manveer Singh suddenly sat up from his bier and asked for a glass of water..

First reaction among the visitors was of course that of panic. With stories of ghosts and ghouls taking over a dead body so common in India, especially in villages, that it took them some time to come to their senses. After a while, the elders gathered some courage and asked master Manveer Singh ‘Ma’sab, what’s going on? You’ve been dead since the morning, at least two doctors declared you clinically dead and now you are talking!’

The account master Manveer Singh then narrated of what had passed is most amazing. In his words:

“I was sitting in my living room reading a newspaper. I heard someone knocking on the front door asking for me by my mother’s name: ‘Does Smt. Kamala Devi’s son Manveer Singh live here?’. I thought they must be some relatives from my mother’s side visiting from a her village so I told them to come in, the door was unlocked. Two men came in, one of them was quite tall, and the other one equally short. They were dark-skinned, very muscular and only had a loincloth around their waist and a turban-like cloth wrapped on their heads. Besides these two pieces of clothing, they had nothing else on their bodies.

“The shorter of them asked me a bit harshly ‘Are you Kamala Devi’s son Manveer Singh?’. I said yes. He told the taller guy – ‘let’s get him then!’. Both of them came forward and grabbing my hands rushed me out of my house. My first thought was that they were kidnapping me [Manveer Singh didn’t realize then that his physical body was left behind] . Outside the house, the shorter guy said again ‘let’s take him up’ – and they pulled me up in the air! Then I thought may be I’m having a bad dream. As we rose up in the sky, I saw my house, my village then the city of Meerut, the Indian peninsula, the continents – we rose so high that I could see the curvature of earth.

“We subsequently entered what appeared to be an entire city. The buildings there were huge, and they were all shaped like the Konarka sun temple in south India. Outside some of these buildings, I saw very long lines of people waiting to get inside – and occasionally I would hear loud orders such as ‘throw him raurava hell’, or ‘burn this guy in kumbhipaka (another hell)’. Interestingly, the people were always called in by the names of their mothers. Anyway, we reached a building outside which there was a very short line [it would appear that that must have been the line of virtuous people and since master Manveer Singh lead a very honest and virtuous life, he didn’t have to stand in punishment with the others].

“Again, I was called in by my mother’s name. Inside, I saw a very large man, about 8 to 9 feet who appeared to be very old and had a large pure-white beard. This man had a very blissful air about him and glory seemed to be emanating from him. He asked the shorter of the two messengers for the requisition letter. The shorter guy took a piece of paper out of his turban and gave it to him. The white-bearded guy looked at that paper and said ‘There must have been some mistake, you’ve brought the wrong guy’ [it would appear that the mistake was in the name of the mother, there was some other Kamala Devi’s son who’s time was up]. The shorter messenger replied ‘Sir, we only did what were told. This is the only Manveer Singh son of Kamala Devi we could find’. The white-bearded guy looked down from his chair and said ‘It’s still not too late, we have time. Send him back and bring him again after 2 years‘.

“While the ‘officials’ were having this conversation, I was feeling extremely relaxed and happy in that place – I had no desire to go back and was wondering if I could stay there forever. The messengers took me out of the building to send me back – I asked them would it be okay if we could stay there a little longer. The shorter guy lashed out at me ‘Fool, because of you we’ve already wasted so much time, get the hell out of here’. He kicked me on my back and I started falling down again. As I was falling down, I saw the same sequence of images – first the curvature of earth, then shape of continents, country, city of Meerut, my village and then my house. Outside my house, I saw a corpse on a bier ready for cremation with a lot of people gathered around. I was sure I was going to die falling from this height and I cursed my fortune that I would die landing on a corpse! As I got a closer look, I realized that it was me itself! I regained consciousness only after I was in my body.”

As master Manveer Singh was telling this, he was still sulking over the fact that it was so peaceful up there and why did he have to come back. Anyway, life slowly went back to normal. Two interesting changes were observed though – first, for the first few days after the incident, he felt very thirsty all the time. He would drink lots of water and it still wouldn’t quench his thirst. Secondly, the area where the shorter messenger guy had kicked Manveer Singh had become completely numb – the skin had turned black and there was no sensation left in that area.

After hearing this story, Guruji asked the visitors to keep an eye out for what happens next. Two years later, master Manveer Singh was coming back to his village on a tractor, after buying a buffalo from an animal fair. Somewhere on the way, the tractor went over a sharp bump – one of the iron rails on the side came off and impaled Manveer Singh through the head. He died right then and there. It was exactly on the same date he had died and came back two years earlier!

Guruji said that may be these kind of mistakes [people being sent back from death since their time wasn’t up yet] are being deliberately made. As the society is making progress materially, we are also being constantly reminded to not forget about the other world, that there is something beyond our visible world as well.

This is the unbelievable but true story of master Manveer Singh.


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