The Three Gunas – Sattva, Raja and Tama

[Triguna – the three Gunas – inherent qualities or attributes in which the nature of all things is said to be limited: Sattva (commonly interpreted as purity, goodness, truth), Raja (interpreted as activity, passion, desire) and Tama (ignorance, darkness, inertia). This a dictation from Guruji about the true meaning of the three gunas.]

To be
mukta (liberated), you need to be a little un-mukta (free spirited)…

“Creation begins in raja and tama gunas. The process of birth involves a union of sperm and ovum. In this union, only that sperm succeeds which lasts longer and is more powerful than other sperms. After the sperm unites with ovum and embryo development begins, the sperm becomes inert, or in other words, attains peace after its union with ovum, and all around it a new personality is created by raja (female menstrual blood). After its complete transformation, the sperm re-appears taking birth from the womb of its mother, borrowing the form of its father and/or mother. Without a complete transformation of its being, a sperm can never expect to learn about its creator. All living forms we see on earth are only transformations of sperms, the change which was made possible only after submitting to the raja-guna.

“The next step of development which is to establish in sattva-guna, will start when we unite ourselves with Mother Earth. Thus completely transformed by the grace of Mother Earth, our form will be in the likeness of One Who manifests everything, and we’ll be introduced to our Creator through the grace of Mother Earth. That will be the pinnacle of sattva-guna.

“The state of the sperm before it meets ovum is tama, because it exists in the darkness of ignorance, without knowing who it is or the purpose of its existence. After its union with ovum and its transformation by raja, it is established in raja-guna. All living beings on earth are thus limited only in raja-guna. Only after their final unification with Goddess Earth, they would be established in sattva-guna. This unification with Mother Earth is the final transformation, only after which a being could be considered eligible to know their Ultimate Father, or the Creator. Thus born, their nature would transcend all the three gunas and they would be called trigun-atita – beyond all three gunas including sattva guna, the state which is also known as Turiya state, or the fourth state. This is the real secret of the three gunas!

“At sperm level, everybody is limited in tama. After birth , they are said to be established in raja-guna because they are at least able to see their mother and father. After we unify with Mother Earth, then we’ll get to know our real Father – God or Creator and are introduced to Him. Not before that.

“This is why I find the popular rendition of the three gunas totally ridiculous. One who likes to eat meat is called tama-guni, if you prefer spicy food than you are raja-guni and if you like milk-pudding than you are situated in sattva-guna, and if you crave for samosas (a spicy snack) again, you are back to raja-guna! Can you imagine the taste preference to be the basis for the three gunas!”[Dictated on June 22, 2003]


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