Religion, Politics, and War

Q: “Guruji, yogis are able to talk naturally with people, but can’ t say the same for Buddhist monks. Why is that?”

Guruji: “That is because yogis live with nature, so they easily connect with people around them. Buddhist monks and Christians priests on the other hand are fed with so much superiority complex that they are not left even worth speaking to. Wherever you see people having intelligent discussions, you’ll find these priests sitting at the back, smirking, saying ‘You should just take refuge in the Jesus the Christ’. This is complete nonsense. Christ is nothing for yogis. We tread the path of knowledge; keep learning as you move forward is our motto.

“The person who started Christianity, St Paul, must have been a great psychologist. He understood the biggest weakness of mankind, saying things like: ‘You are born in sin. You consider Jesus as your lord and savior and he suffered for you, is suffering for you and will suffer for you. You don’t have to do anything other then calling him your savior and you will be saved’. On the other hand, here we are told that we are responsible for our own actions. That keeps us on the edge all the time (laughs). If we didn’t want to take the responsibility of what we’ve done, and we are given an easy way out, whether it’s real or not, we’ll naturally get drawn to it. Paul must have started the religion in a very organized fashion, that’s why it continues till date. “

Q: “[During second US-Iraq war] India seems to have a pro-Iraq stance these days.”

Guruji: “Yeah, Indian companies have a lot of money at stake there.. have lost quite a bit already. The war is naturally causing a lot of disturbance in the trade scene.

“Now it’s mainly the consequences of this war that remain to be seen. For example, in 1930-35 when the second world war had started it was unimaginable that the British rule around the world would ever end. But within a span of 10 years, the empire was gone! Changes are always sudden after such big events. It will be interesting to observe the long term effects of this on USA.”

Q: “That means terrorism is not as big a factor as the after-effects of this war?”

Guruji: “Naturally, it bears the curses of so many innocent people who’d die in this war. Take a step back to observe this. American society was not so decadent before it dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After this event came hippie movement, gay and lesbian marriages, increase in crime rate, drug abuse, loss of family values, etc. America had comparatively better society before. There used to be some problems, especially with fights within Christianity, Ku Klux Klan, etc. Abraham Lincoln had abolished slavery yet there was discrimination against Blacks. But there was still some spiritual awareness. People were not so bad. It was called the land of opportunities. Now take a look at America after the second world war. It became completely materialistic, crime rate increased, people started having pyschological problems. Theentire concept of family started getting lost. Instead of getting married, people started living together so they wouldn’t have to give alimony when they separate. The sense of belonging is gradually beginning to decrease in America. Punks, motorcycle gangs started showing up on the cover. the 60’s was all about sex revolution.

“The aftermath of the war was very strange on America. The aftermath destroyed the entire British empire as well. Before the war, Britain was at the top and now its America. Before the war, sun never set in the British empire. Now it sets every day. Recently saw a TV interview that Indians have so filled up the entire Britain that Britishers are feeling like leaving their land for good (laughs). “

Q: “This will continue to develop as there are so many Indians in UK and USA nowadays”
Guruji: Thanks to democracy we will rule the world! (laughs). With the fast increase in our numbers, we are in a stronger position to rule. The white population is at a stand-still or even dwindling in some places.”

Q: “Is this happening for the first time or did Indian population go outside even in old times?”

Guruji: “Indians used to go out all the time; they used to roam around the entire world. I feel that if Indians had not been suppressed so much, we would have left a stronger mark on the world scene. You can reference in oldest of old texts, Indians used to rule the sea trade. Only in the last 2000-2500 year things have gone bad. It is also present in the records that we never invaded anybody. Recently I heard a statement from a Chinese general who was visiting India:
‘We are sharing a boundary with India for thousands of years but we have never seen a single soldier ever cross the border’.”

[20090802] Conversation recorded in April 2003

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  1. I think of Jesus as a Highly Accomplished Yogi, or, an Avatar of God. His message of Love & compassion was very clear. He also revolutionized the Abrahamic Jewish Religion.

    But there is a vast chasm between Jesus's genuine teachings and what the Church teaches today. Many original Christian scriptures that conflicted with the "interests" of the Church, were destroyed. When the Church tortured people in the past centuries, that was totally Reverse of what Christ taught.

    I also liked the author's analysis of collective Karma of Nations.

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