India: Motherland of Yoga

Guruji: “Some are adopting Buddhism, some Hinduism, some are doing devotional chants. People are running after Eastern religions, especially after the recent disclosures of child abuse cases. I was watching an English movie on Z-TV a few days back. Can’t remember the name, but the main character was playing dual personalities, and he murdered a catholic priest, cutting into pieces. Ultimately it turns out that the priest was running a child pornography racket from his orphanage. That’s why he was murdered! This was first movie of its kind; otherwise people wouldn’t dare say such things about Christian priests our in public, or make movies about these. They’d always be shown in a good light. This made me feel that something has definitely changed.”

Q: “Heard in a TV serial that it was a common practice for the missionaries in Africa and other countries to have sex with local women. Now due to scare of AIDS, they’ve started doing it with local men. I was amazed to hear that so casually mentioned on televisions!

Guruji: “At least the grand balloon Christians have kept inflated for so long about being righteous and supreme and working for God, etc, has been punctured now. Especially after 1999. Hinduism in general has become more popular. Comparatively speaking, there’s been more curiosity and appreciation for Hindu arts. Yoga is an example.

“Yoga is a universal thing and a set of techniques, and has nothing to do with any religion. But we should all remember that it’s a historical fact that Yoga evolved in India only. And it is an ancient science of Hindus. And it was their magnanimity since they had become one with Nature, that they were able to say that Yoga is for every being on Earth who is human. Since they were not sectarian and used to see the entire world as one family, they were able to make such profound statements. The sects that came after and the religions that evolved later managed to spoil the entire beauty of it.

“And it the limit of bootlicking that people are giving lectures and writing books to prove that Jesus Christ was a yogi! Tiggle and others asked me and I clearly told them Jesus was no yogi. If he were, all Christians would be seen practicing yoga today. Pope would have the highest guru of Yoga if Jesus Christ were a yogi!

“What is ours, we should openly accept. It is Indian and all yogis have been Indians only. I have never seen a foreigner achieving Samadhi. Now Yogananda has said that James J. Lin is sitting in samadhi, but I have my doubts. How is it possible? He never taught Khechari to anyone. I know Daya Mata can’t do it, I’m sure of it. She just goes unconscious in bhava-samadhi. There’s no concrete substantial teaching there. But at least he’s been able to blow a hole in the citadel of Christianity. Who is Christ? Who makes everybody cry (laughs).”

Q: “Is there something fundamentally wrong that they haven’t been able to achieve samadhi?

Guruji: “Fundamental wrong is that their religion has no knowledge of samadhi. They don’t teach anything about it, neither are there any practices for it. Trance, etc, are just matters of witchcraft. Their religion is all about saving your soul. In that confusion, they surrender the only immortal substance they have. They seal the contract in blood, whether devil-worshipers or Christians. They are all drinking blood. There’s an evil influence due to that.”

[20090802-2] Recorded: July 10, 2003