Understand the Mind of the Creator

Q: “People often create this mental block that if you desire siddhis or go after them, then you can never attain self-realization.”

Guruji: “That is most idiotic statement in my opinion. If you are practicing yoga, it’s results include these capacities. They’ve been described in detail, in Yoga Darshan and other texts. On the other hand, these instructions have been adulterated by the various devotional cults over time, that ‘thou shall not acquire any grandeur lest thou shall lose thy path’. How can anybody get lost?? There’s no other way to go! This is a journey from birth to death, and this is the path of life! (‘जन्म से मृत्यु तक की यात्रा है, और ये ही पथ है जीवन का’). Who can deviate from this path, you tell me. There’s no chance. Now it’s possible that sometimes we pause for analysis, sometimes we relax, but there’s not possibility of getting lost.

“And they say that ‘our guru is so great that he’s guiding the disciples away from any glory so that the disciple doesn’t get lost!’ But the truth is, the guru doesn’t even have know any such art which could win them any glory. I’ve see many such people, keep fooling others like this. There’s so much hypocrisy in the world, man! But what do we care, we can analyze even the hypocrites. That’s why I’ve written in all my books, ‘To the seekers of truth’. And truth is not just one-dimensional. It is multifaceted, diverse, and multidimensional. Whatever we are exploring, we trying to understand in its totality.

“As I said before, after understanding the creation we’ll be able to understand the mind of the Creator. And remember, Creator is ‘Alakh Niranjan’ – beyond carbon! Since He is beyond carbon, He is beyond this creation and not visible. What we are experiencing is His nature in our day-to-day life. First we’ll understand His nature then we’ll understand Him. Others have said that this is all maya (illusion), we should deny it. My observation is that maya is His nature. The more we understand His nature, the more we’ll become natural ourselves and understand Him better. Think of it this way: When you travel, you find dozens of fellow travelers. You can see them, touch them, but you don’t know their nature. You don’t know the person himself or herself. You just see the person. But that’s not enough. When you start talking to them, exchange thoughts, and get to know the person, then only a real friendship will develop. Got the point?”

[20090802-2] Recorded: July 2003

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