The End of Vedic Times

Q: “Guruji, we see that the human condition in society degrades and then evolves over time. But it seems to develop on its own. What is the role of gods in that?”

Guruji: “Gods don’t have a role to play in that.”

Q: “Then why worship them?”

Guruji: “Who does that anymore? Vedic gods are no longer worshiped. Indra, who was the foremost deity of vedas, is mocked by even children today. His tenure is already over, and King Bali has taken over.

“It feels like the new administration is going to be permanent. King Bali is the emperor of the Netherworld, and now he’s also the ruler of Heaven. The earlier Indra only had dominion over the heaven. Second, king Bali is already immortal, and Vishnu is his gatekeeper, since after giving all the three worlds to Vishnu, King Bali earned so much merit that Vishnu had no choice! That’s why Vishnu is no longer worshiped either – he’s been replaced by Rama and Krisha.

“The change is quite evident. Vedic rituals are disappearing, Indra’s worship is over, and Krisha established Goverdhan puja after defeating Indra. Bali puja and Goverdhan puja fall on the same day; they might be one and the same. Vedic dharma has now become Hindu dharma – we are being identified as Hindus. Vedic gods have disappeared, Indra was castigated, Vishnu ran away, and new gods have emerged. Only the eternal gods [aadi-dev] have survived – Shiva and Shakti. Krishna and Rama are getting worshiped, and Goverdhan has its own place in India.

“Besides, vedic culture is almost gone; everybody wears shirts and pants which nobody had even heard about in those times. And if you read Gita, Krishna Himself had denied vedas:

Vedas are limited to the three gunas. O Arjuna, rise above them. [Gita 2.45]

Those who are engrossed in pleasures and are only committed to the Vedas which eulogize the fruits of ritualistic karmas, such thoughtless people keep making pompous and flowery remarks. [Gita 2.42]

“He established yoga and now you see the world over people are only talking about yoga. So it seems the change has already taken place.”

Q: “But Guruji, the gods were already immortal. How could they disappear?”

Guruji: “They must be leading a retired life somewhere. The main thing, they are not in power anymore, they don’t have any control. King Bali became immortal even without drinking ambrosia. How could the other gods have faced him then? Shiva-ji also never drank ambrosia, but He is Mahadeva.

“Brahma was the first vedic god. He has no temples anymore. Second was Vishnu, but he is also left with a very few temples in India – he’s been replaced by Rama and Krishna. Rudra was the main deity and He still remains. He is the only one with the power of destruction.

“After that, we have Savita, Mitra (Indra), and Varuna as the foremost gods in vedas which are nowhere to be found. So the tenure of these 5 gods is over. Only Rudra has remained. But even He is now known as Shiva. Nobody says Rudra anymore, except in case of Shiva-ji’s puja which is called Rudrabhishek.

“It’s a clear changeover. And since king Bali has dominion over the three worlds, he must have done something that all races are coming together. Foreigners, who were once considered untouchables, are being accepted everywhere, and followers of vedas, who always considered themselves superiors, are living the most dejected lives these days. Even a sweeper is better off than them. Those who are reciting “Rama Rama” or those reading Bhagvat and Gita have reached the top. All this data proves that change has taken place.

“Tantra influence has increased as well. The ten Mahavidhyas and other tantric knowledge given by Shiva are more popular than vedas these days. It means a new type of program has started already.

“Besides, all the foreign invasions in India fundamentally destroyed vedic culture only. Adi Sankaracharya denied vedas and propagated vedanta [literally “end of Veda”]. What could they do to yogis? Nothing!

Also, nobody does rituals for gods anymore. No more singing praises of Indra’s glory! In my opinion, the kind of punishments he has received no one has ever had. Like when he violated Gautam rishi’s wife, the rishi cursed him, ‘you are going crazy after vaginas, you yourself will grow 1000 vaginas!’. He’s the only one in the entire history to have 1000 vaginas! That’s how he got the name Sahastrabhaga.

Q: “and what about Kubera?”

Guruji: “He’s a friend of Shiva-ji. His Alkapuri is right next to Kailash. Also, see, Lakshmi-ji used to grant prosperity; now that department belongs to Kubera. Even in front of our Reserve Bank there’s a status of Kubera.

“Once upon a time puranas were considered secondary after vedas, but now the roles have reversed. Upanishads are still being read since they don’t have anything abour vedas, and they don’t have any reference to Indra. All things related to Indra and vedic gods have disappeared. That means, King Bali has taken over. This also means there’ll be some state of filtering and weeding out of people, and then all races will come together.

“Until know there has been constant conflict between suras and asuras. Veda-followers always thoughts themselves as superiors. King Bali has proven that vedic people are not superior by getting then beaten by once-untouchable foreigners. And see, after they beat vedic people, they are now running after our spiritual knowledge – yoga, tantra, aghora.

“Also the reasoning behind our belief that King Bali and Goverdhan are one and the same is that Krishna defeated Indra and established Goverdhan worship. Before him, no avatar opposed Indra. He was the only one, and He beat Indra not only once but three times! There’s a famous line in Gita:

To destroy evil-doers and to establish dharma, I appear time and again in every age.

He established dharma by starting Goverdhan worship and putting an end to Indra’s worship. And the end of worship for a god means the end of him, because all means of his ‘tax revenue’ are gone! Just like kings survive on taxes, gods survive on worships.”


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