Stay away from sadhus!

Guruji: “In the morning, while changing clothes, I saw on TV lord Krishna playing with Gopis who were making Him dance to their tunes and threatening to tell on Him to mother Yashoda otherwise. While watching this, a thought crossed my mind: Lord Krishna never talked to a single sadhu or sanyasin his entire life! He always stayed around pure-hearted, opulent, householders but never any sadhus. Similarly, Lord Rama never talked with any sadhu his entire life. He did interact with rishis but they were householders. The only appearance of sadhus was when Sita-ji gave alms to one sadhu who came to their door during their exile, and see what happened afterward!

“This also means if gods didn’t communicate to any sadhus while they were living here, what’s the guarantee they’d be talking with them afterward? We should stay away from sadhus and sanyasis (renunciants). As my guruji used to say, ‘One who couldn’t be of his own, how can you expect him to be yours?’.”