Amazing Revelation!

Q: “Guruji, did Lahiri Mahasaya mention anything about his previous life in his diaries?”

Guruji: “There’s only one sentence about his previous life in his diaries, ‘my wife was my sister in the previous birth, within her love yourself’. Except this there’s nothing else! May be he decided not to reveal anything.”

Q: “What does ‘within her love yourself’ mean?

Guruji: “It may be a philosophical statement – if you love someone, basically you love yourself, because it’s reflecting your love. Someone asked me, what is the pleasure in sex? I answered that the pleasure is in yourself. The partner only helps express the pleasure. You are realizing your own self.

“This statement could also mean that since he became a father because of her, he was born as his own son, so love his son as himself.

“He didn’t mention anything else about his previous birth, or the materialization of a golden palace in the Himalayas! In fact, meeting Babaji physically is also nowhere mentioned in his diaries. The popular accounts are only from what he verbally told everyone. The only thing in the diaries is, ‘Sushuma woke and Guru was seen. Babaji’s face was seen in the kutashtha. This is yama and this is dharma‘.

“I have read his diaries many times since guruji [Shri Satyacharan Lahiri Mahasaya] used to open them for us. Babaji is nowhere mentioned except in the above two instances. Neither is the golden palace mentioned anywhere. But his experiences were extraordinary! No saint had ever written about such experiences.

“[language] He wrote in Hindi, Bengali, and English, but always in a different script – for example Hindi text in Bengali script, or Bengali text in English script, etc. Never wrote Bengali in Bengali, for example.

“He wrote a lot about visions of Lord Krishna. Saw the same form of Babaji and Krishna. He had many visions of Radha-Krishna and Shiva-Parvati. It was a very mysterious program. Only three years of his experiences are recorded. There was a boom of experiences in the starting, there there were no hints of any experiences. But whatever was recorded is dynamite! And these are guidelines – whoever does kriya should have similar experiences. That is the beauty of this yoga practice.

“Lahiri Mahasaya also never discussed his own experience with his disciples, but kept giving them guidance and guidelines. And after his death, people started different cults based on these statements! He also never liked sanyasis (hermits)! He started the householder yogi’s tradition.”

[20110108-2] Recorded: Dec 24, 2003

* * * * * *

Guruji: “Had an unbelievable revelation! I’m surprised that we missed this obvious fact till now:

“We’ve read Lahiri Mahasaya’s diaries. In his life, Trailanga Swami’s name appears quite prominently. Trailanga Swami made him famous in Kashi with his statement, ‘He has attained this high state while remaining a householder, for which I had to discard even my loincloth!’ Even the king of Kashi came to Lahiri Mahasaya on the suggestion of Trailanga Swami, otherwise why would anybody go to an average Bengali’s house, leave alone the king!

“Trailanga Swami’s origin was mysterious, but his end was even more mysterious. He went in Samadhi, and told people to put him in a wooden box and throw it in Ganges. Nobody saw the box drown, it floated away in the river. Another interesting fact is that Trailanga Swami only took alms from the household of Lahiri Mahasaya’s father-in-law, and not from anyone else his entire life. All this means is that he was Babaji himself, in a different form, and kept Lahiri Mahasaya in front of him his entire life and guided him every step of the way!”

“Lahiri Mahasaya used to go to Batuk Bhairava’s temple every Sunday, all alone, which was very close to Trailanga Swami’s place. Also, Trailanga Swami’s only disciple, Shankari Mayi Jiu, used to come to meet Lahiri Mahasaya. There must be a reason why Trailanga Swami only took alms from only one man’s house. Since Kashimani Devi was a single child, it is possible that Trailanga Swami taught the only son-in-law of the house. It’s quite a possibility.

“Also, the whole episode of meeting Babaji and the appearance of a golden palace is nowhere mentioned in Lahiri Mahasaya’s diaries! It is also a fact that Trailanga Swami lived for 280 years in Kashi, and nobody really saw him die. That means he was immortal.

“It’s a remarkable analysis, which also opens many possibilities.”

[20110108-2] Recorded: Dec 2003

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  1. Gurudev Ki Jai. Aaj Gurudev ke janamdin ke din anmol Gyan prapt ho raha hai jo kai janmo ke punyo se prapt hota hai. Shri Shri Gurudev ko Janmdin ki Badhai.Gurudev ki jai.

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