Guru Gorakhnath, Shrinath-ji, and Datta Guru

Q: “Guruji, I’ve read that old yogis always lived or roamed around in solitude.”

Guruji: “They used to, and to accumulate energy also followed celibacy for a particular duration. But nobody knows what happened to them afterwards. For instance, Matsyendranath was trapped in the Triya kingdom because of Hanuman-ji’s instructions, and then Gorakhnath freed him. But happened afterwards? There’s no story of them after that; there’s total silence. Then suddenly Shankar-ji’s stories start, that he’s doing penance in the Himalayas and is a very accomplished yogi, then Daksha Prajapati gave him his daughter, then Himalaya later. Why did all these start at Lord Rama’s time, and not before that? Could it be that it was a continuation of guru Gorakhnath’s story? Shankar-ji also has Nath get-up, and in ‘Skanda Purana’ and ‘Shiva Purana’, Shankar-ji is saying he is Gorakhnath himself.”

Q: “But Guruji, Shiva-ji is also Adinath, the first Nath?”

Guruji: “Yes, is it also said that Adinath first came in the form of Gorakhnath. It’s very complicated. and And only he is always doing meditation.”

Q: “Who is he meditating upon?”

Guruji: “Well, the simple answer is that since his devotees are meditating upon him, he is meditating upon his devotees. But the actual thing could be entirely different. To understand it the mind has to reach that level. An immortal being, who is all-powerful, and the entire creation and all the spirits are his parts in a way, how to understand what is he meditating upon?? In a religious sense people say he is meditating upon Krishna or someone else but I don’t believe that. When we meet with him we’ll ask him, no other way to find out (laughs).”

Q: “I found that Agrawals history also has references to Guru Gorakhnath.”

Guruji: “The impact of Gorakhnath on Agrawals is clear. They hail from Agroha/Rajasthan where everybody believes in Gorakhnath. 22 states in Rajasthan recognize Guru Gorakhnath and other Naths as their official gurus. Who is Punjab doesn’t bow to them? The honorific “guru” is associated with only these two – Dattatreya (Datta Guru) and Gorakhnath (Guru Gorakhnath). And ‘Guru Purnima’ is his birthday. He was born on that day, and later Vyas-ji was born on that day as well. Mysteries are increasing. ”

Q: “Am not sure if the solutions will come.”

Guruji: “We are only equipping ourselves better over time. In the beginning I had no idea but these things have revealed themselves over time. At least I’m sharing all this with you guys. When I was your age, I didn’t have any idea about these things. Only after finding their natural marks (Shivalinga and Devi’s breasts and vagina) that my attention was drawn towards Shiva and Shakti. Finding these symbols also means that they have a direct blessing on me.

“Earlier I only bothered about yoga – used to sit in practice day and night, till 3am. Got tremendous results from that. Powers, or should rather say, abilities also developed. Wrote the commentaries in Gita, Yoga Darshan, etc, and only after all that and after starting to live in Smashan (cremation grounds) these signs came. That means Nature has tuned with me. Another remarkable thing is we never found any other gods’ marks, except Shiva and Shakti.”

* * * * * *

[About Shrinath-ji, who is the presiding deity at Nathdwara. There’s confusion about who he really is, since Shrinath is also a name of Lord Krishna, Guru Gorakhnath, as well as Shri Matsyendranath]

Guruji: “People say that Lord Krishna is Shrinath-ji, since he’s the swami of Shri-ji, -Radha-ji. But that’s not really true. Somehow there’s a mystery behind how these cults started. Badrinath temple deity looks exactly like Babaji sitting in padmasana. It seems like they went into backdrop over time and something else came forward. The city itself became Nathdwara – ‘Home of Naths’ – when he went there. There are some obvious facts that are getting ignored due to sectarian fanaticism.”

Q: “Guruji, what’s the relationship between Datta Guru and Guru Gorakhnath?”

Guruji: “It is said that Datta Guru started the Nath cult. He is the giver of magical powers and immortality as well. There’s a Siddha cult who can do miracles with the help of Mercury and Sulphur. That too was started by Dattatreya Maharaj. He always guides from the backdrop. He is the one who gave Kapalika get-up to Lord Shiva, and also established the Aghora path. Aghora means ‘pure beauty’, not ‘terrible’ as is generally understood. It is completely opposite of that. If one is immortal, there will be no fear for him. and For fearless, there’s only beauty and nothing’s horrible. A strange point of view will develop.”

[20110324-3] Recorded: Jan 2002

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  1. ZMO … says
    Wikipedia info on ….

    Benoit Mandelbrot / Fractals / Quasi Crystals /
    Gravity Permeating the Universe and formation of Matter
    ( Condensation from Nebula ) due to inbalance of gravity

    Golden Ratio / Fractiles / Cyclic Waves that predict Volcanic Eruptions
    / Heart Palpitations and Nerve Formations

    The Golden Ratio underlies the Clock Cycle of Brain Waves ! ! !

  2. ZMO … says ….
    I remember reading a commentary by Shri Shailendra Sharma were he was asked about the importance of the Hindu Triad but he didn't give it to much importance when asked by a follower …

    The importance of the Trimurti / Hindu Triad is extreme in Samadhi from Astral into Causal
    Once you arrive in the Causal and experience the Seed Of Life then the Flower of Life and the String Fibers permeating and connecting all mind forms thinking at once you next experience the Ultimate Trimurti :
    Brahma / Creation
    Vishnu / Maintenance , Perserver
    Shiva / Destroyer
    This is what animates GOD through out eternity.
    Gods constant palpitating breath/ heart (Love) / Expansion and Contraction / Vibration like on a violin Sting
    This is Gods most Essential Function. Constant Being.

    This is the Basis of Hindu Religion : Cyclic Nature / The Trimurti

  3. ZMO … says …
    You should Wikipedia the following:
    Causal Dimension: The Flower of Life / Fruit of Life / Seed of Life /
    Metatron Cube / Vesica Pisces / Ichthys Fish, Human Eye/
    Platonic Solids / Merkabah / 13 / Cause & Effect + Will
    / Fibers of Light: Strings of Energy that Vibrate / Brane Cosmology , Brane or p-Brane , Membrane
    / Ellipses & Foci, Energy and Sound / Calabi – Yau Manifolds / Quantum Looping
    Astral Dimension :
    Golden Retriever , Golden Ratio / Thoth , Thor , Eye of Horus, Heart (Love) vs. Lady Justice, Libra & Equilibrium
    Monroe Institute

    Physical & Chakras: Tree of Life / Kundalini / Hermes Trismegistus, Hermetica Corpus /

    Rod of Asclepius : Staff ( Rod ) of Asclepius : A Serpent Entwined Staff / Dialogue Called Asclepius (After Greek God of Healing) the art of imprisoning the souls of demons or of angels in statues w/ the help of herbs, gems and odors, such that the statue could speak and engage in prophecy / Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization by Proffesor Martin Bernal / Holiday Mathis and Astrology /

  4. ZMO… says …
    correction: From Stauton, VA going to Walton, NY and Ithaca, NY with Leonard Orr in less than a month after graduating and coming home to DC. At Cornell University, I had taken out documentaries (DVDs, VHS etc…) from the East Asian stacks, and books on Yoga of all types including Kriya Yoga. Information that the majority of students don't even examine, although the wealth of info is there at their fingertips. However, after graduating It was my first effort to study something related to breathing and Kriya Yoga.

  5. ZMO … says …
    Another book given to me by the actual author Deena Zalkind Spear was her book
    Ears of the Angels (ISBN: 0-9712173-0-0). It deals with tuning violins with your mind and vibration.

    The second week of my rebirthing class with Leonard Orr dealt with taking me and another student from Canada to Stauton, NY and then to Ithaca, NY. It was beyond what I had wanted, since I had just graduated from Cornell University which is in Ithaca, NY, and not a month had passes after graduation, and I was home to DC. My violin teacher Carlos Quian (a grandfather to me) died during my first months entering the University, and a few weeks before graduating from Cornell my other violin teacher Carlton Harret died. Both were viola and first violin players for the National Symphony Orchestra. Deena Spears, a graduate in neurobiology, has her studio in Ithaca near Cornell University; had known Carlos Quian, and she and her husband had taught luthiers on whose violins Carlton played. I had no idea of this until a knew her for the first time through Leonard Orr. What a small world and everything is interconnected. Her book deals with : Healing Sounds – Heard & Unheard of Violins, Humans, and Animals.

    If you ask did rebirthing work for me the answer is yes, but not in the conventional human form. I was able to perceive an emotional vibration a sound something like the way a dog hears a training whistle, only heard by the dog and no one else. This is what I perceived from a third student who was training with Leonard Orr for many months Rebirthing and was teaching under Leonard Orr other more recent students ( similar to a TA at the University) . So utilizing a pitch sound from an emotion of a babies energy inside a person who is practicing rebirthing, I was able to rebirth myself on the first day I met Leonard. Results before the classes began. Next, add to this Zalkind Spears book and my lifetime as a violin and piano player…. A small gift of my lifetime for 2012 for those who ask who and where is GOD. The Answer: I Am GOD, You are GOD, We are ALL GOD … although we pretend to be unaware of the CAUSAL DIMENSION, and how we are a web of minds all thinking at once, and traveling across the universe as SUPERNOVAS.

  6. Zandra Makel Otero … says … I came across the following book that Leonard Orr gave to me in Staunton, VA when I took his breathwork course, for two weeks called Rebirthing. He had contact with Haidakhan Babaji, who taught in the Uttarakhand region in India (Himalaya Range) and died in 1984.

    Philosophy of Gorakhnath with Goraksha-Vacana-Sangraha by Akshaya Kumar Banerjea
    ISBN: 81-208-0534-8 (Cloth, Rs./350)
    ISBN: 81-208-0535-6 (Paper, Rs./250)
    From Gorakhnath Temple, Gorakhpur (India)
    Motilal Banarsidass Publishers / Delhi

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