Light: Gross or Subtle?

A disciple asked Guruji: Is light gross or subtle?

Guruji answered:

“Light is gross, because it can only illuminate 3 out of 5 elements of matter – Earth, Water, and Fire. It passes through the other two elements – Air and Sky – so they are not visible to us. According to the Indian thought, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky are the five gross elements of material world. We are only able to see the first three, since they reflect light. Since light can only illuminate the grosser elements of matter, it is gross and not subtle.

“This also implies that anything we see, we only see 60% of it, since the two elements – Air and Sky – which light doesn’t reflect, we are not able to see. This means that even our physical appearance is only 60% visible; 40% remains invisible!

“Another important thing to note is that only those things which reflect light ultimately go through decay. Those things which don’t reflect light don’t. We don’t see the destruction of air or sky, but fire, which depends on material objects for its survival, eventually dies out. Water also gets evaporated or gets stale. And solid objects in all forms eventually disintegrate; scientists already have various forms of measurements for that.

“Decay is based on the rays of light. What doesn’t reflect light doesn’t get decayed.

“We’ve also read about Babaji that his shadow doesn’t form. This means what doesn’t reflect light must be immortal!”

[20111110] Nov 11, 2011

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  1. I have never known any person great then guruji.I have know him since last 10 years and I would always like to be his diciple and follower.
    Sanjeev sahani

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