Guruji: “Some foreign visitors were discussing about witchcraft. Even in witchcraft there are four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. Ultimately it’s some aspect of nature. Whether it’s white magic or black magic, we should have some knowledge about it, and after studying it from an Indian’s perspective, you might be able to understand something else. For example, they have a concept of Devil, and our temples are called deval. Devil is always shown with a trident. Here only Lord Shiva and His associates (śiva gaṇa) carry tridents. Could it be that these things came to oppose the tyranny of established religions, like Vedic?

“The western dominance had grown by the black magic of Merlin the magician. People say he was a good magician, but I’m sure he was a black magician. For the misery of the world the English are mostly responsible, and all that was due to the power of Merlin. This is also becoming very clear.

“We made a new discovery about pyramids 2-3 days back. I was researching what was the original Egyptian word for pyramids, because ‘pyramids’ is an English word. Found out that the original word is phir-aamid, which literally means to come back again, back on Earth. It seems all the mummies were wait to return to the world. These idiots disrupted their plan by digging them up.”

Q: “Do you think they would have been able to come back?”

Guruji: “Who knows? Why would they keep an identity intact for such a long time otherwise.

“Indian system of mummification is very elaborate, but also simple. It is not part of Ayurveda – only yogis know about it. The body remains intact for a very long time – it doesn’t disintegrate. And with that, the personality in the astral or subtle body becomes very strong. This is also a technique to remain on Earth. That’s why my attention was drawn towards this: Why so much emphasis to remain on Earth as long as possible? She is the Paramātmā, the Supreme Soul.”