Castes of Ages, and other discussions

 [Some discussions with Guruji during my visit in Feb-Mar 2013]

Different Classes (Castes) of Ages

Creation started in brāhmaṇa (priestly class) age. Rāvaṇa was the last brāhmaṇa king. He ruled for about 311 billion years. The destruction of Dakṣa’s fire ceremony marked the beginning of the end of brāhmaṇa age.

With the Rama-Rāvaṇa war, brāhmaṇa age ended and kṣatriya (warrior class) age began. In kṣatriya age, kingly class ruled. Kṣatriya age lasted 1.7-1.8 million years.

In 1947-50, kṣatriya age ended and vaiśya (trade class) age started. Democracy was introduced, and companies (corporations) started ruling.  ICS exams that Britishers introduced has made the public sector more powerful. Devotion and yoga has increased and will continue to rise.

Trade and commerce is the only way to bring all races together. Corporations will be ruling for a long time.

When everything is sold and purchased, and you have everything but you still need service, then śūdra (service class) age will start. Now the question is, would vaiśya age and śūdra age go together or one after another? I have a feeling that they would both go together.

Action and Reaction
We’ve been hearing that every action has its equal and opposite reaction. It also means that every reaction will have its equal and opposite action. It is also very easy to observe that every reaction will have its equal and opposite reaction as well.