Creating Ghosts, Selling Faith

Q: “Guruji, we were talking about ghosts. In Christianity, for example, there’s no concept of pitra tarpaṇa (ancestral offerings).”

Guruji: “And neither is there any ritual to ensure gati (transition, to the other world). The complete ritual is to create earthbound ghosts, and that’s why they don’t have reincarnations. They wait for the judgement day.”

Q: “How it must feel to be confined in a box for such a long time!”

Guruji: “This also creates a negative influence on the society. There are miles-long graveyards in the US! In our tradition, bodies of only those people used to be preserved who had attained great knowledge, and whose bodies had become extremely pure. So, if they were preserved for a long time, they’d have a positive, pure mental effect on the surroundings. There, even evildoers are also getting buried, and their bodies are decomposing for a long time, so they’ll will have their own influence on society, which will only increase over time.

“Also, as we discussed before, those who are buried are confined only to the lower two elements – Earth and Water, while those who are cremated go to the higher two – Air and Sky.”

Q: “Is this the main reason for degeneration we are seeing in society today?”

Guruji: “It’s also a tāṁtrika experiment: keep any human bone nearby and you’ll only have bad dreams. If only a bone can have that kind of effect, imagine what will be the impact if an entire body is buried nearby.”

* * * * * *
Guruji: “We were looking at Kriya websites, found one about Yogananda which also had a few video clippings of him, with Ramana Maharshi, Yukteshwar Giri, etc, one going into super-conscious state. They were all good; felt good after seeing them.”

Q: “Guruji, earlier you had said that Paramhansa Yogananda commercialized Kriya yoga which was not the right thing to do.”

Guruji: “That he did. That is one aspect of his personality, this is another. How can we understand in totality by looking at only one thing? One aspect of his commercialization is that he’s the only one who has been able to get his gurus worshiped alongside Jesus Christ. No one before him could do that. We should think from all angles. We also shouldn’t forget that his book (Autobiography of a Yogi) inspired so many people, including myself! How can one deny that? Even today it feels good to read that book.

“The videos are good, especially what he said in the one about super-consciousness, that yoga is not magic, it is a art of high living.”

* * * * * *
Guruji: “The annual puja of Hanuman-ji is on the 6th (Dec). Many people will come for that. It’s been going on since 1996. This is the 7th one. It just started automatically.. still going on. Best thing is it’s only one day long.

“One strange thing happened: A 16 year girl who was possessed went to Mehendipur Balaji to remove her affliction. The temple caretakers took advantage of her and left her to die in front of the Bhairav temple. This is the first time this kind of case has come out from that place. Rather, this is the first time it came to be publicly known, things like this must have been going on there for some time. Police has arrested some people, there’s a lot of uneasiness in that area.

“I’m observing that since we started Shiva-ji’s puja and started sounding bull-horn, a lot of deep-rooted corruption like this is getting exposed and uprooted all around. There’s a change in the air; may be the time has changed since 2000. Every day we hear about some famous sadhu caught in some dirty deed and exposed to the public. A common man doesn’t have that much respect for famous sadhus as he used to. This the main article in today’s paper:

Selling Faith in the Shop of Lies and Corruption
In these times, the guru market is blooming. God gives in plenty, but the godman gets even more. Not only in India, but also in foreign countries there’s no escape from these dealers of emancipation. Big ashrams are being built, expensive cars are being bought. They’ve kept God in one corner, and are competing to decorate the rest of the shop as lavishly as possible. Devotees are told, ‘World is an illusion, what you are seeing is illusion, all relationships are evil and selfish. Break all relations and make relationship with God.’ But so called gurus don’t tell why this illusion, this attachment doesn’t apply to themselves? Why is this world not a false reality for them? Why do they need air-conditioned palaces? Why need dozens or servants, luxury cars? For the devotee, the world is an illusion. For the guru, it’s the biggest truth! How is that possible?
Time is limited. Time to wake up. World is not illusion. God’s creation, in which He manifests Himself even in the smallest atom, how can that be a lie?

“This is a commonplace talk now. And this is where the difference in the general approach and a yogi’s approach lies. Our approach is right, Earth is the truth and our God.”


Sense, Sensual and Sensible, Jesus Christ, Indian Youth

Q: “Guruji, it is said that knowledge brings deliverance. So, if someone understands food, for example, they still have a taste for it. Will their enjoyment go away?”

Guruji: “We are not talking about the end of enjoyment. It’s about the end of attraction or attachment. Hankering, actually. If somebody is addicted to something and think about it all the time, that hankering will stop. You’ll enjoy things but not live for that. I also think that the more knowledgeable or wiser you are, the higher is your enjoyment level. You will be more sensitive.

“People say that you should stay away from sensual pleasures. Now here’s a linguistic analysis: Sensuality depends on senses. Only somebody who is nonsense will not have sensual pleasures in his mind. If you have enough sense, then also you could be called sensual. Sensual word has unnecessarily been attached to sex only. This means every religion is out to make you nonsense (laughs). It’s a play on words but still a significant truth: we are born in sensuality that’s why we are sensible.”

Q: “Guruji, aren’t there rules that say that for development we should conserve sexual energy?”

Guruji: “The main reason for this rule to conserve energy is that in a particular period in a man’s life, their concentration should not break. If you had married when you were 14, you thinking direction would have been totally different. That’s why a few norms have been made: don’t marry until 25, then live as a householder between 25 and 50 years of age, then live a life of contemplation afterwards. They discovered that for development of senses this is the best plan.

“All our systems are to ensure continuity of learning; learning must go on! That’s why rebirth is assured through the cremation and last rites so that learning is not discontinued. In Hindu dharma, break in learning is not tolerated. That’s why Piṃḍa dāna [an offering of balls of food for the departed. Literally: ‘body donation’] is done to ensure next birth. In Islam and Christianity, the soul waits eternally for the judgment day, so the learning is completely frozen. That’s a basic difference: our dharma guides while living as well as after death.

“In a broader sense, everything is a sensual pleasure. Wearing good clothes is a sensual thing: as people say, ‘they have a good dress “sense”‘. When someone goes to church and pray, even that they are doing with their senses, as they have enough sense to go to church and pray. It is better to be sensible than to be nonsensical.

“Look at Jesus Christ; what did he do wrong? He only ate good food in the last supper, had his hair oiled, and feet washed. Even that was enough to get Judas Iscariot jealous: How could he be the messiah? According to him, being messiah means don’t eat good food or put oil in your hair. Then he told the authorities who was Jesus and got him caught just for 30 silver coins. His thinking was exactly like the Christian priests of today: Instead of helping the poor, how dare he buy expensive oil? Why did he talk to Mary Magdalene? And it was acceptable to him to get Jesus hanged just for that! The priests of today have exactly the same mentality.

“This means that if you are getting ready to be a messiah, you should plan on starving to death, otherwise someone else will get you killed. Now see, nobody cares what happened to Judas, but imagine that zealots like him must have established the church organization. The basis of church was service of the poor. That means the original theme, or the sense of Jesus Christ, was totally lost! This is why Christ’s life looks fine to me, but not the organization’s. What’s wrong with eating good food? (laughs)

“Someone asked me, ‘How would you imagine an Indian youth to be like?.’ I answered: Someone who is standing in the fields barefoot, with loincloth around him, can talk fluent English with the American slang, and is also carrying a cellphone in his head-wrap. A youth who doesn’t leave his roots but has the knowledge of the entire world in his hands. That’s how I imagine an Indian youth to be like.

“An Indian mind is so great that if they stay connected to their roots, they can move the world. The current system established by Britishers, even though has constrained our talents and our creativity, it has taught has how to advance in the most adverse conditions, to do something big despite all the opposite conditions. It’s a miracle in itself. That’s why Indians anywhere in the world do better than the natives there, which means they’ll dominate in the future. And here I’ll quote Jesus the Christ, ‘Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the world’. We have only been proving our meekness in the past couple of thousands of years.

“This is free thinking, a yogi’s point of view. It is not subscribed to any particular caste, creed, or nation. It is an Earthman’s free thinking, an Earthman, who appreciates Nature, admires Nature, and with appreciating and admiring Nature who is also working hard to know his own nature. We are neither condemning or condoning anybody. ‘Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein Maange Sub Ki Khair, Na Kahu Say Dosti Na Kahu Say Bair’ [Saint Kabir’s couplet, meaning: ‘Kabir, standing in the marketplace, wishes everyone well. He has neither affiliation nor quarrel with anyone.’].”

[20110324-3] Dated: Jan 2002

Jivatma, Shiva and Shakti

Q: “Guruji, it is said that Brahma is Providence and governs us with the laws of karma. To which state does it continue?”

Guruji: “Brahma’s domain is only till the physical world. Nobody has any dominion over the real spirits in the spiritual world, except Shiva and Shakti. The spirits, bhuta, around Shiva-ji are so powerful that even Brahma and Vishnu are scared of them. They are only jivatmas – spirits in the purest form. They have gone beyond all bodies – physical or astral. People call them bhuta, preta, pischacha and they all stay around Shiva-ji. And they are all immortal.

Jiva is Shiva, and atma is Shakti. It’s a very subtle point. We are all ardhanarishwara (male and female) in a way, as both jiva and atma are in us. Atma is all female powers, like consciousness which is also a form of shakti. Atma and all such powers belong to the domain of Devi – Aadi Shakti. And jiva since it is a form of Shiva belongs to the domain of Shiva-ji. Even science says the same – we are half male and half female. The only difference is of a chromosome! All these things reflect on the physical plane to some degree, whether we can understand them or not.”

Q: “So Guruji when we say I, who do I identify with, jiva or atma?”

Guruji: “That’s what the whole effort is for, to understand who I am. It’s a matter of realization what our true nature is, who we are. Plainly speaking I’m Shiva, I’m also Shakti, I’m male, I’m female, I’m both. Our body has so much information recorded that if could decode all that we’ll become super knowledgeable. The entire history of human race, infact the history of entire physical creation is in it. As the old books say, ‘yat pinde tat brahmande‘. It’s a very profound statement. That means once you know yourself in entirety, and not just that ‘I’m Brahma’, etc, but also your body as well, that will be something! It’ll be a shocking realization. The data of the entire universe will become available to you. It’s a wonderful thing!

“That’s why the old yogis have said, ‘Go inside’. And only yogis have said that. Others only worshiped hypothetical gods whose name they cannot even pronounce. Here’s another horrible truth: We read that the devil is after your soul. Now soul is your immortal substance. Everybody’s after that immortal substance, whether you offer it to a hypothetical god or to the devil. In Christianity, for example, there’s description of the creation but who created the souls is not even described in the Bible.

“The soul must have some substance that even gods are after it. May be it makes them powerful – if immortals start worshiping you, you’ll also become immortal. That’s why the earthly plane becomes important, because that the only place where the soul forgets its true nature and get imprisoned in the body. At that time it’s easy to fool it. See why there are so many religions, so many cults on Earth? Because if you can influence the soul, you can do anything.

“Look at Shiva-ji instead. A yogi attains Shivatva (Shivahood). Shiva-ji doesn’t dominate. He’s a guru, and you become Him. Because jiva is already Shiva – immortal. The entire theory is different but that’s only in yoga.

“No other gods are like that. You don’t attain Brahmahood or Vishnuhood, or in Christianity become God or in Islam become Khuda. That is kufra (blasphemy) according to them. Mansoor used to say ‘anahalak’ – I’m He, so king Aurangajeb got him decapitated. According to them, nobody can become god, you can only become devotees. Only in yoga it is said that you can become Shiva. What’s bigger than that? And this way is open for everyone.

“Read that section in Mahabharata vol 6 where Upamanyu rishi is rebuking Indra, saying, ‘O fool! Don’t try to fool me with sweet words. Who is worshiped by all the gods? Nobody is born with a conch-shell or chakra, but with linga or yoni. But every male in the universe is stamped with Shiva’s symbol and every female with Shakti’s. It’s a universal phenomena, from a bacteria to an elephant, ant, or even human. That biggest evidence that the entire creation is Shiva’s and Shakti’s, that this creation is Maheshwari.’ And every man has the potential to gain Shivatva and every woman Shakitva (Shakti-hood).

“That book, History of the World, has a picture of a thousands of years old statue of a naked female. It represents the female principle of the Earth. Despite all their sweet-talking, people have only been suggesting to avoid our fundamental nature. Isn’t that contrary to what should be? Suppression is not realization. As I have written in Gita, these symbols are not just from somebody’s imagination. They are hints, left by the first people out of their compassion for the future generation, for those who are able to understand. That’s also why even from the ancient times renunciation has never been encouraged, because then you’ll never get blessings from Shiva.”

[20110324-3] Recorded: Jan, 2002

India: Motherland of Yoga

Guruji: “Some are adopting Buddhism, some Hinduism, some are doing devotional chants. People are running after Eastern religions, especially after the recent disclosures of child abuse cases. I was watching an English movie on Z-TV a few days back. Can’t remember the name, but the main character was playing dual personalities, and he murdered a catholic priest, cutting into pieces. Ultimately it turns out that the priest was running a child pornography racket from his orphanage. That’s why he was murdered! This was first movie of its kind; otherwise people wouldn’t dare say such things about Christian priests our in public, or make movies about these. They’d always be shown in a good light. This made me feel that something has definitely changed.”

Q: “Heard in a TV serial that it was a common practice for the missionaries in Africa and other countries to have sex with local women. Now due to scare of AIDS, they’ve started doing it with local men. I was amazed to hear that so casually mentioned on televisions!

Guruji: “At least the grand balloon Christians have kept inflated for so long about being righteous and supreme and working for God, etc, has been punctured now. Especially after 1999. Hinduism in general has become more popular. Comparatively speaking, there’s been more curiosity and appreciation for Hindu arts. Yoga is an example.

“Yoga is a universal thing and a set of techniques, and has nothing to do with any religion. But we should all remember that it’s a historical fact that Yoga evolved in India only. And it is an ancient science of Hindus. And it was their magnanimity since they had become one with Nature, that they were able to say that Yoga is for every being on Earth who is human. Since they were not sectarian and used to see the entire world as one family, they were able to make such profound statements. The sects that came after and the religions that evolved later managed to spoil the entire beauty of it.

“And it the limit of bootlicking that people are giving lectures and writing books to prove that Jesus Christ was a yogi! Tiggle and others asked me and I clearly told them Jesus was no yogi. If he were, all Christians would be seen practicing yoga today. Pope would have the highest guru of Yoga if Jesus Christ were a yogi!

“What is ours, we should openly accept. It is Indian and all yogis have been Indians only. I have never seen a foreigner achieving Samadhi. Now Yogananda has said that James J. Lin is sitting in samadhi, but I have my doubts. How is it possible? He never taught Khechari to anyone. I know Daya Mata can’t do it, I’m sure of it. She just goes unconscious in bhava-samadhi. There’s no concrete substantial teaching there. But at least he’s been able to blow a hole in the citadel of Christianity. Who is Christ? Who makes everybody cry (laughs).”

Q: “Is there something fundamentally wrong that they haven’t been able to achieve samadhi?

Guruji: “Fundamental wrong is that their religion has no knowledge of samadhi. They don’t teach anything about it, neither are there any practices for it. Trance, etc, are just matters of witchcraft. Their religion is all about saving your soul. In that confusion, they surrender the only immortal substance they have. They seal the contract in blood, whether devil-worshipers or Christians. They are all drinking blood. There’s an evil influence due to that.”

[20090802-2] Recorded: July 10, 2003

Religion, Politics, and War

Q: “Guruji, yogis are able to talk naturally with people, but can’ t say the same for Buddhist monks. Why is that?”

Guruji: “That is because yogis live with nature, so they easily connect with people around them. Buddhist monks and Christians priests on the other hand are fed with so much superiority complex that they are not left even worth speaking to. Wherever you see people having intelligent discussions, you’ll find these priests sitting at the back, smirking, saying ‘You should just take refuge in the Jesus the Christ’. This is complete nonsense. Christ is nothing for yogis. We tread the path of knowledge; keep learning as you move forward is our motto.

“The person who started Christianity, St Paul, must have been a great psychologist. He understood the biggest weakness of mankind, saying things like: ‘You are born in sin. You consider Jesus as your lord and savior and he suffered for you, is suffering for you and will suffer for you. You don’t have to do anything other then calling him your savior and you will be saved’. On the other hand, here we are told that we are responsible for our own actions. That keeps us on the edge all the time (laughs). If we didn’t want to take the responsibility of what we’ve done, and we are given an easy way out, whether it’s real or not, we’ll naturally get drawn to it. Paul must have started the religion in a very organized fashion, that’s why it continues till date. “

Q: “[During second US-Iraq war] India seems to have a pro-Iraq stance these days.”

Guruji: “Yeah, Indian companies have a lot of money at stake there.. have lost quite a bit already. The war is naturally causing a lot of disturbance in the trade scene.

“Now it’s mainly the consequences of this war that remain to be seen. For example, in 1930-35 when the second world war had started it was unimaginable that the British rule around the world would ever end. But within a span of 10 years, the empire was gone! Changes are always sudden after such big events. It will be interesting to observe the long term effects of this on USA.”

Q: “That means terrorism is not as big a factor as the after-effects of this war?”

Guruji: “Naturally, it bears the curses of so many innocent people who’d die in this war. Take a step back to observe this. American society was not so decadent before it dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After this event came hippie movement, gay and lesbian marriages, increase in crime rate, drug abuse, loss of family values, etc. America had comparatively better society before. There used to be some problems, especially with fights within Christianity, Ku Klux Klan, etc. Abraham Lincoln had abolished slavery yet there was discrimination against Blacks. But there was still some spiritual awareness. People were not so bad. It was called the land of opportunities. Now take a look at America after the second world war. It became completely materialistic, crime rate increased, people started having pyschological problems. Theentire concept of family started getting lost. Instead of getting married, people started living together so they wouldn’t have to give alimony when they separate. The sense of belonging is gradually beginning to decrease in America. Punks, motorcycle gangs started showing up on the cover. the 60’s was all about sex revolution.

“The aftermath of the war was very strange on America. The aftermath destroyed the entire British empire as well. Before the war, Britain was at the top and now its America. Before the war, sun never set in the British empire. Now it sets every day. Recently saw a TV interview that Indians have so filled up the entire Britain that Britishers are feeling like leaving their land for good (laughs). “

Q: “This will continue to develop as there are so many Indians in UK and USA nowadays”
Guruji: Thanks to democracy we will rule the world! (laughs). With the fast increase in our numbers, we are in a stronger position to rule. The white population is at a stand-still or even dwindling in some places.”

Q: “Is this happening for the first time or did Indian population go outside even in old times?”

Guruji: “Indians used to go out all the time; they used to roam around the entire world. I feel that if Indians had not been suppressed so much, we would have left a stronger mark on the world scene. You can reference in oldest of old texts, Indians used to rule the sea trade. Only in the last 2000-2500 year things have gone bad. It is also present in the records that we never invaded anybody. Recently I heard a statement from a Chinese general who was visiting India:
‘We are sharing a boundary with India for thousands of years but we have never seen a single soldier ever cross the border’.”

[20090802] Conversation recorded in April 2003