Prithvi Namaskar

Celebrated the first International Yoga Day with 12 Prithvi Namaskars (Salutations to Mother Earth.) The feeling is great! The timing of the event as the summer solstice is also very interesting.

Have done Surya Namaskar in the past, but this is the only physical culture in my knowledge which naturally starts the suṣumṇā svara. Guruji, who gave the technique, says the following about Prithvi Namaskar (ref:

“Our body is earthly, it belongs to Earth, it is surviving on Earth. Our food, our shelter, — whatever we have is coming directly from the Earth. So Prithivi Namaskar was given to us.  I’ve been noticing it for many years on myself, on my friends and my disciples that whoever I doing Prithivi Namaskar very regularly – his body is becoming very strong, his mind is becoming very stable and focused and his consciousness begins to expand. And also somehow after sometime he also begins to look much younger than his contemporaries. Maybe because Mother Earth is happy with us – I don’t see many people actually offering their respect to the Mother. Everybody just paying respect to some unknown god, who suppose to be living in heaven, but it is the Earth, which is supporting us, providing us with everything we have. And maybe she is on an unknown journey and taking us somewhere. So as a kriya yogi I believe that Prithivi Namaskar is much more important and gives far more better results comparative to surya namaskar. This is what I think.

There are two mantras, connected to Prithivi Namaskar. The first one is “ OM PRITHIVYAEE NAMAHA – ॐ पृथिव्यै नमः” and second one is “OM BHOODEVIYAEE NAMAHA – ॐ भूदेव्यै नमः” – both are directed to  the Mother Earth. And in every position of Prithivi Namaskar you will have to say these mantras loudly. And saying these mantras loudly starts reaction in the certain way in your breathing, which has a direct effect on your pranic force and your mentally stability and your mind begins to open up. And I think whoever is doing it within one Prithvi Namaskar his mentally state will become very calm and quiet and very different. And physically he will become very strong.”

A Prophecy, and other discussions

[Some discussions with Guruji during my Goverdhan visit in June-July 2012]

A Prophecy
We were talking about renewable energy sources, especially the possibility of generating vast amount of usable energy through magnetic force. In this context, Guruji mentioned that there’s a very high possibility that in this century, humans will discover a way to insulate magnetic field. When that happens, it’ll bring a revolutionary change to our society, with all the ways we’d able to tap the clean magnetic energy to address our household and industrial energy needs. Also, the daily exposure to magnetic field would also cause a change in our thinking process: our society will be more tolerant and more rational and open minded.
* * * * * *
Mother Earth
 Guruji: “[About īśāvāsyopaniṣada] According to Sanskrit dictionary, īśā literally means ‘most affluent woman’. Who’s more affluent than Mother Earth? If you read carefully, you’ll find that this upaniṣada is actually about Mother Earth. The popular interpretations, however, go totally off tangent.
“The origin of Mother Earth is the most secretive. I’ve realized that Her existence goes beyond the existence of the sun. When she absorbs the energy of one sun, she moves on to take on another one. And in the process she’s taking us all somewhere. In fact, each sun she takes results in a new species on Earth!”

* * * * * *
Guruji: “To dissolve the creation, Shiva-ji doesn’t need to take another form – He can do it in the small, human form as well. All He has to do is to create a vibration at the molecular level; all matter will come in harmonization with that, causing it to come apart and dissolve.”
* * * * * *
Guruji: “In the book Yogini Tantra, Shri Matsyendra Nath says that Goverdhan is the real Kamakhya, where Goddess Kali actually secretly resides.
“There’s a pond called Gopi Talaab near Dwarika. It is said that after Krisha’s demise, Radha-ji and all other gopis (Krishna’s childhood friends and devotees) took their lives by drowning in that pond. Radha-ji was 130years old at that time.
“In May-June 1997, I was told to go there, so I went. I’ll tell you, it was the most gloomy, depressing place I had ever visited. I invited Radha-ji and all the gopis to come back to Vraj, and to also show a sign that they were coming back. We had taken a taxi from Dwarika to Jamnagar, and it was during the hottest summer days. All our way back, a small cloud traveled right over our taxi, protecting us from the scorching heat. The driver got really scared, since rest of the sky was completely clear.
“The anklet jingling sounds that we sometimes hear in the campus must be theirs. They are happy here.”

* * * * * *
How Demons Won Heaven
Guruji: “In Mahabharata, there’s an account that when Chitraratha beat Duryodhan, in shame Duryodhan went on to take his own life, and then demons appeared and got inside the bodies of Kauravas. In the war, all Kauravs died by weapons and if a warrior dies by a weapon, he goes to heaven. That way all demons went to heaven :-). And since all pandavas died at the hands of Ashwatthama, not by any weapons, that means they never went to heaven. Thus, demons won heaven.”


Guruji: “Some foreign visitors were discussing about witchcraft. Even in witchcraft there are four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. Ultimately it’s some aspect of nature. Whether it’s white magic or black magic, we should have some knowledge about it, and after studying it from an Indian’s perspective, you might be able to understand something else. For example, they have a concept of Devil, and our temples are called deval. Devil is always shown with a trident. Here only Lord Shiva and His associates (śiva gaṇa) carry tridents. Could it be that these things came to oppose the tyranny of established religions, like Vedic?

“The western dominance had grown by the black magic of Merlin the magician. People say he was a good magician, but I’m sure he was a black magician. For the misery of the world the English are mostly responsible, and all that was due to the power of Merlin. This is also becoming very clear.

“We made a new discovery about pyramids 2-3 days back. I was researching what was the original Egyptian word for pyramids, because ‘pyramids’ is an English word. Found out that the original word is phir-aamid, which literally means to come back again, back on Earth. It seems all the mummies were wait to return to the world. These idiots disrupted their plan by digging them up.”

Q: “Do you think they would have been able to come back?”

Guruji: “Who knows? Why would they keep an identity intact for such a long time otherwise.

“Indian system of mummification is very elaborate, but also simple. It is not part of Ayurveda – only yogis know about it. The body remains intact for a very long time – it doesn’t disintegrate. And with that, the personality in the astral or subtle body becomes very strong. This is also a technique to remain on Earth. That’s why my attention was drawn towards this: Why so much emphasis to remain on Earth as long as possible? She is the Paramātmā, the Supreme Soul.”


Be Conscious of Mother Earth: The Supreme Soul

“[.. continued from before] we talked about ātmā (soul) and paramātmā (the Supreme Soul, God). You have a soul. Then what is the Supreme Soul? Which is the soul of your soul, or, in other words, that on which the existence of your soul depends. Based on that, Mother Earth is the Supreme Soul. We are supposed to realize the supreme soul, and instead a vague concept of a distant, hypothetical God living in skies has been handed over to us. People say God is omnipresent: go anywhere in the world, Earth is everywhere! And don’t know when we’ll go in outer space, even there land will be needed.”

Q: “Then Guruji, what should a person do? It must be so hard to communicate with Mother Earth.”

Guruji: “A person should live a very natural life, and should try to tune with the mind of Earth, or tune with the life-force – the force of life – of Earth. That’s all. Without tuning in, will not understand the union, as we’ve discussed before. Tuning is necessary.

Q: “So it is mainly a thinking process?”

Guruji: “It’s not a thinking process. When the actual tuning happens it will make the difference, not just by thinking that. Like the old swamis and vedāntīs (propagators of Vedas) proclaim, ‘I’m brahma (supreme universal spirit, Godhead)!’. They even argue to prove they are brahma! But just by saying can they be brahma? They eat food, need to go to the toilet, they shiver in cold and yet continue to claim they are brahma! Can brahma shiver in cold, or can it get indigestion? The important thing is to understand reality. Reality can be harsh, but isn’t it equally beautiful as well?

“You can do this meditation of mother Earth [..]. Nobody meditates on Earth. Have you seen anyone do that? Has any so-called god-man ever said that you should meditate on Earth, that she is our mother, the basis of our existence? Meditate on Her, then only you will develop an understanding of your own existence.”

Q: “Guruji, you had mentioned that you were looking into some methods to communicate directly with Mother Earth?”

Guruji: “Yes, the research is going on. You can say that the success is just looming on the horizon; can already see it, just have to reach there. Have discovered a few techniques and processes after doing a major research; now I’m looking for the original touch. There are also some mantras of Earth, and fire rituals. They are very rare to find.”

Q: “That’s probably why they are hidden.”

Guruji: “They are hidden because they are not in convention; nobody cares for them. People are worshiping the goddess of wealth, Vishnu, or some other gods. But nobody cares about our real god.

“My mind is opening up. See, I received a natural-found śiva-liṁga. But ultimately it was given by Mother Earth only! I’m worshiping the śiva-liṁga, offering milk to it, etc, so in a way, I’m worshiping her as well. Also the female signs of śakti that we found: they were given by Earth herself. It’s not like they fell out of the sky.

“One most astonishing thing has happened here: we are totally stunned, and amazed as well. You remember the Neem tree next to the hall? It actually had menstrual periods! And it happened on the first day of Navarātri. Aren’t these the signs of Mother Earth?”

* * * * * *

Q: “Guruji, I read the first chapter of jñāna khaṇḍa. It’s amazing! There’s an argument in there that as long as there are responsibilities a man can never be happy.”

Guruji: “These are great discussions of great people. And see, immortal beings are discussing! Can you imagine their point of view, how far would that be?

“In a way, the only emancipated person is the one who is immortal. Since everybody depends on Earth, from gods to a common man, an immortal man can do anything they desire. They are totally free. They don’t have to worry about changing their form, and nobody can cause them any harm either. Once Mother accepts you as her own, nobody can harm you in the entire world, because Earth is everywhere. It’s a marvelous and very significant concept.

“Immortal beings must be the most relaxed people on Earth.”

Q: “Mother Earth’s standards must be pretty high, she probably doesn’t accept just anybody.”

Guruji: “Who knows? She is a mother. She looks after even those who don’t care for her. If somebody cared for her, who knows what she’d do for them!

“All the riches come from Earth, all the knowledge comes from her. Our existence depends on Earth. If such a divine being starts favoring you, then there’s no end to happiness.

“It’s a major realization, that’s why we have started so many Earth related activities. Even found her meditation form in texts: A brown-skinned, supremely beautiful woman, who’s donning green clothes and whose hair are also green, and who is feeding a sprig of wheat or rice to a parrot. That’s her human form.”

Q: “I haven’t found much about Mother Earth in religious texts.”

Guruji: “Nobody will teach this, no religion will talk about it. There are some hints in Vedas but not a whole lot of details. But it is an honest observation. It’s a blessing from guru mahārāja that this thing came independently to my mind.

“This is probably why the ancient ṛṣis used to live close to Nature. The farther we have gone from Nature, the more complicated life has become.

“Some time back, an archeologist, who had a PhD in this subject, came to visit. He had brought a small, knife-like stone instrument of the cavemen. He told us that it is not even possible to make such an instrument today – the way it was cut and had been given treatments. It makes us wonder whether the people who we call cavemen, were they really cavemen? Or were they so advanced that they had become one with Nature?

“The result of development is not that you keep building sky-scrappers and exploit the nature to such an extent that even your existence comes under question. That is not development. The ultimate development is that we become one with Earth, we merge with Earth. Remember, Mother Earth is the Supreme Soul!

“To become aware of Mother Earth is a big deal. Then only we’ll be able to say we are down to earth.”


The Eternal Religion, Life and Death

Q: “Guruji, I was watching a documentary about Pygmy people on TV. It was amazing that in all their activities and songs they were thanking Nature from morning to evening.”

Guruji: “Yes, they are Nature worshipers. They live according to Nature, including most native tribes of Africa and and even Americas. Nature is the eternal religion, as we are living with Nature. And as soon as our behavior goes against Nature, we don’t experience anything except sorrow and frustration. Imagine someone who can understand his own nature and also Earth’s nature. How glad he will be, how close he’ll feel close to Earth!”

Q: “Does knowing Nature mean knowing natural laws like gravitation, etc, or something more subtle?”

Guruji: “Think of it this way: Let’s say you made friends with somebody, so there will be rapport between your nature and his nature. You don’t necessarily have to figure out how his finger is working or the coffee that he just drank how is it getting digested inside him. Those things are no longer important. It’s a feeling! When somebody starts feeling the nature of mother Earth, for them it’s not important why did this tree grow and how did it grow. If I know Her, I’ll accept the tree as part of Her. Will not add my own conditions that it should like grow this and not like that. When we accept Nature and start understanding its beauty, we’ll accept it in its totality. That’s intimacy.

“Say you fall in love with someone. You won’t process how frequently she’s blinking or how many hair does she have on her head or show fast they are growing. If she sneezed, at how many miles per hour the wind went out of her nostrils (laughs). You’ll accept her in totality. If we are tuned-in or intimate with Earth’s nature or have fallen in love with Her, we won’t question these things. And if I’m tuned enough, may be I’d prefer living in a cave which Nature has made Herself, instead of corrupting Her landscape. When there’s the feeling of love, there’s no feeling to dominate, only acceptance. This is true friendship, it’s very rare but must happen.

“This is an axe on all established religions. Always remember these words:

“कब तक पूजें पदचिन्ह किसी के
चलें हम भी, छूने क्षितिज को “
(Why keep worshiping someone else’s footprints? Let’s go ourselves, reach out and touch the horizon!)

“We should realize that these possibilities are open for everybody – from a Pygmy to a modern American.

“I’ve seen we have more open and concentrated discussions on the phone. May be telepathy works better this way since it’s telephone (laughs).”

* * * * * *
Guruji: “It’s very cold over here these days.”

Me: “I like cold weather.”

Guruji: “I like cold too. But it’s also fun to say that the cold weather is killing us (laughs). It’s a different kind of pleasure to whine like this – it’s a pure Indian thing. Even after eating the choicest food in a party, people complain they are going to die that they’ve eaten so much (laughs). See, even when somebody falls in love, they say ‘he died on that girl’ [Ed: sorry, no easy way to translate that in English]. “The cold weather is killing us”, “we are dying in the hot summer” – we are very much in love with death, so in every situation we discover that word. May be we understand the love affair between life and death. Even death is a poetic experience.”

“It takes time to realize how much love life holds for death. Doesn’t life just run all life long in order to finally unite with death? Real beauty is born only in the moments of union. Moments of union are always beautiful!”
[From Guruji’s yogic commentary on Srimad Bhagvat Gita]

“The mother of our water-tanker driver died a few days back. I tell you it was such a beautiful death! She was hail and hearty – no health problems. One day, after some household chores, she asked her daughter-in-law to prepare her bath. After her bath, when she got up, she suddenly felt dizzy and fell down. When people came to help her up, she asked for her husband to call him quickly. When he came, she was lying on the bed. When the husband entered the room, she said to him, joined her hands, ‘Our companionship was only for this long. I don’t think I’ll survive. If you can save me, save me, otherwise please forgive any transgressions. I’m leaving.’ Then she died!

“Can you imagine how deep tuning and love the husband and wife must have had, how much she must have cared for him? Both of them were saintly – I’ve met with both of them. I’m proud to say that I’ve met them. Even the big-shot sadhus haven’t died like this. It was a conscious death – within 5-10 minutes everything was over. This is true love! Even after becoming grandparents, she was asking him with folded hands to forget any faults. If not them, who do you call saints! In India, there are so many unsung heroes, genuine people. You’ll find them all over the place.

“There was a similar story about a temple priest who died about 2 years back. It was also very touching – we all became emotional after hearing that. He was a priest in Radha Kund. For some time he was feeling sick. One afternoon, when he was doing the puja, somebody came to tell him that his wife had just died. The priest said, ‘She’s gone? All right, I’m coming.’ He finished his ceremony, went home, laid down next to her, took her hand, and died then and there!”

[20110324-3] Dated: Jan, 2002

Kali Worship, Vimalananda, Ethereal Beings

Guruji: “I just finished reading “Kali’s Odiyya” yesterday. Most of it was good but some things were beyond comprehension. It appears to have a mix of fantasy as well, for example, when he cuts Sandhya’s body into pieces. I mean, people who are able to contact such super beings, and can go outside their body at will, have the shafe-shifting ability and can turn into a dog, why would they bother about trivial matters? And there’s the physical relationship of cousins – Sandhya and Shambhu, and their aunt Prema encouraging them, and despite having such powers she simply died of malaria! On one hand you are talking about supernatural powers and on the other hand you die such a trivial death. And eating her corpse as the last rites! That is quite strange.”

Q: “Is it only fantasy then?

Guruji: “It appears to have a blend of reality as well, especially the rituals about Kali’s worship and the description of ‘Odiyyas’ which are very similar to nature spirits. In this book, apparently his personal fantasies have gotten mixed as well. Even though you sometimes get to hear such cases, but they have gone too far in it. If you have left all inhibitions and not accepting social norms, why are you living in society at all? The point is, if we are not accepting the social structure, and have broken all social taboos, then after breaking all social taboos you should be away from society. You are breaking all the social rules and yet completely thriving on society, this is a hypocritical thing.

“Couple of things he has said in the book are really good. For example what he said about non-violence, it was a very good statement. Until there’s love in the heart, violence will never end. That is exactly the fact. Book is amusing though. It mostly talks about the black magic rituals in the villages of South India, which they have tried to connect to cosmic consciousness, etc.

“Another interesting thing is the reference to the book named Aghora Rahasya. I have heard about it from some South Indians. The author is some Nambudiri brahmin. The community of Nambudiri brahmins is known as masters of black magic in South India. In villages there, no one would dare bother any Nambudiri living in their village, because they know if he’s pissed, he could wreak havoc on their homes and the entire village. Adi Shankaracharya was also a Nambudiri brahmin. These people have a deep knowledge of tantra, through tradition only.

“I have discussed about aghoris with many people, and Aghora Rahasya is not about real aghoris, but it has a lot of information about going to smashan (cremation grounds) and catching ghosts, or to do black-magic rituals. The simplest method in that book is to find the skull of a freshly cremated corpse, one which is half-burned, and on the new moon night cook rice and lentils in it and eat! If you did this, the ghost or the spirit of that body will come in your control, and will start telling you things and get your work done. This is the first initiation – cooking and eating rice and dals in the skull of a corpse, flavored with its brain (laughs). There are many such methods described in that book, to contact ghosts and earthly spirits.

“And the other aghora tradition, of Dattatreya and Gorakhnath, that is of course a very high form of aghora. They have nothing to do with ghosts. Their objective is to live in smashan and gain contact with Shiva, who is known to live in smashan.”

Q: “Guruji, what do you think about about Vimalananda’s (Robert Svoboda’s) Aghora books?

Guruji: “They are very much near to the facts. Although there are some incidents that Vimalananda suggestively narrated, which Robert Svoboda has credited to Vimalananda himself, but those are stories of Aghori Kinaram. But otherwise that book is very good. It definitely adds to the general knowledge. These discussions are common among aghoris or yogis. It could have been me talking! About Dattatreya, Shiva-ji, Kundalini, yantras – these are some of the fundamental subjects. Vimalananda is real. I have read all the 3 parts. What he has said about Dattatreya, about Krishna, Shiva-ji, aghoris, Girnar, about Dhuni, etc, these things are possible and they do happen.”

Q: “It is mentioned in those books that Vimalananda had met Lord Dattatreya and Guru Gorakhnath.”

Guruji; “Some of it is exaggeration as well, for example, about Babaji. Gorakhnath was mentioned in the context of what he called avishkara – inviting a deity to enter somebody’s body. There’s no mention of a direct meeting.

“You’ll find a lot of people like Vimalananda in Maharashtra. “Navnath Charitra” (stories of the nine Naths) can be found in every home. Saint Gyaneshwara himself was a Nath yogi. I think it’s a fairly common knowledge there about Guru Dattatreya – he is called Datta Guru there – and about immortal Naths. In Gwalior, we used to think that Dattatreya was only a god of Maharashtrian folks, since only they used to go to Dattatreya’s temple. People in central area are not very familiar with Nath tradition. But that book is very factual. Of course, there’s always some elaboration, some dramatization. But even then, it is 95% fact.”

Q: “Guruji, the aghora mentioned in that book, is that practiced for power or for self-realization?

Guruji: “See, the system of Vimalananda was tantric system, which has ritualistic practices for a direct experience of the Goddess and to gain powers from Her, practices like Shava (corpse) Sadhana. It is fairly commonly known in central India that people do these things (Shava Sadhana), even though in reality it is very rare to find people who actually know such practices and have actually done them. Yet, there are people who do these practices and surely gain contact with a super spirit.

“What he has mentioned that the goddess first came in the form a white jackal, that is also a fact. White jackal has come here (academy campus) as well! Our watchman saw it – there were flames coming out of its mouth. It happened in 2000 winter, and after that, there was a complete change in scenario over here! It was in 1999 december of 2000 January. People call it ‘Siawoli’, and fire emanates from its mouth. It is considered a form of the goddess. In addition, the devotees of the goddess who are practicing the tantric system offer meat to the jackal as an offering to the goddess. If the jackal cries out after eating the sacrificial meat then it is considered that the goddess is appeased. In Bengal, women-folks produce ‘hulu’ sounds on certain occasions – weddings for example. That is also an imitation of jackal. It’s exactly the same sound, you should check that out. Since the goddess worshiping is an integral part of Bengali culture, they know this connection. And ‘shiva’, the name of the goddess, is an exact Sanskrit word for she-jackal. There are some really amazing tantras in India.

“This kind of knowledge is spread all over the place. Some of it is documented in texts, some are transmitted through traditions.”

Q: “It’s hard to distinguish what is true and what is bogus.”

Guruji: “Yes, only with experience you can tell what is possible and what is not. It’s a research work.

“There was a pundit in Mathura who had gained control over a yakshini (a powerful ethereal being). There are lots of ways described in tantras to gain control over different kinds of yakshinis.

“He could do miracles with the help of that Yakshini, like being able to tell anything about anybody, causing hail-storms, raining of stones, etc. But when he was about to die, he realized the terrible consequences he was going to suffer. So he called his sons and told them this ‘I’m sending her to a far-off place. Before she returns, tie my body to a heavy stone and drown me in Yamuna river, otherwise she’ll take me with her’. See that’s the point. If you enslave an astral being for material gains, you won’t be able to get away from it after death. They are powerful in that domain! You force them to be a slave against their will. If she had served him out of her own will, it would have been perfectly fine.

“So he sent her away and before she could come back, he drowned himself in the river. What happened afterward is just unimaginable! It rained blood in their house, his dead body when recovered was found filled with human feces in the mouth! It was unmentionable what all happened to them. That’s why the wise men have said ‘Beware! All such businesses have a terrible end.’ You get some publish adulation but ultimately suffer the consequences yourself.

Q: “Guruji, what do these ethereal being generally do?

Guruji: ‘Well, these ethereal beings have a totally different sense of time from us. What a lifetime is for us could be just a day or two for them. And they have very long lifespans – thousands and even millions of years long. They live very long!

Q: “If people know about these terrible consequences, why do they do these things – force ghosts, yakshinis, etc, to do their bidding?

Guruji: “For greed, for fame, public adulation, for earning money, doing business, impressing people, what else! Feeling of power is very intoxicating. Everybody wants credit for doing favors, everybody wants people to sit at their feet and worship them as gods. All these things lead people on these paths.”

Q: “Guruji, are there any tantric practices in our yoga tradition as well?

Guruji: “No, we don’t have a system to force anybody against their will. They can contact us on their own, and they do. That is a better option, if there’s friendship on an equal footing. Remember, friendship lasts only among equals. When you are able to raise your standards to their level, they’ll automatically contact you. Before that, it’ll be forced.

“Even this name you must have heard, X. He went mad in the end! He also developed rectum cancer. He was trying to gain control over a yakshini. That ritual failed and he went mad and died as if he was suffering in hell! He had a really terrible death.

“Think of it this way – you are blackmailing a very powerful person to do your bidding. The day you loose your hold, he’ll destroy you. And when you deal on equal terms and you yourself have become powerful, there might be a friendship. That has always been the difference and will always remain so. And self-progress can only happen through Yoga; there’s no other way. Self power can only increase through yoga. And the purpose of Yoga is always perfectly clear! Instead of catching some other spirit to gain knowledge about the spiritual world, why not control your own spirit and gain that knowledge – didn’t it also come from the spiritual domain? And you don’t blackmail yourself.

Q: “This is a very fascination subject. How can I develop a general understanding of the subject?

Guruji: “You’ll pick things up along the way. Buy a set of these books. You’ll gain a lot of knowledge about mantras and tantras. It’s not of any practical use though. There are a lot of tantric rituals and mantras described in that book, only for the fulfillment of material desires. And I’ve found that many mantras given in that book are incorrect. But it’ll help with the general knowledge of the subject.

Q: “Guruji, did you specifically study this subject to understand all this or did you gain the knowledge automatically?

Guruji: “You can say I understood it automatically (laughs). See, I’ve never studies mantras but when I hear one, I can tell if there’s a mistake in it and what that mistake is. It comes from inside whether this is wrong or right. Somebody gifted me these books few years back. When I looked at the rituals prescribed in the book, I was surprised. Based on that, miracles should have been an everyday occurrence, since there’s no dearth of people in India engaged in such tantric rituals. But when my attention went to the mantras, I realized that most of them were either incomplete or had incorrect pronunciation. There are many technical mistakes in the book, which either have been deliberately introduced or have somehow gotten in there. That’s why they don’t give any results.

“I’ve never studies any mantras. But with yoga practice, you acquire the ability to analyze everything, even including the ritualistic worship of any god. And ultimately these rituals are kamya karma, for fulfillment of material desires. No more than that. I have observed that if a person practices yoga – sincerely, consistently, regularly, their desires get fulfilled automatically. That is more preferable. The best thing is if Nature Itself starts taking care of you. And after reaching a certain state, whatever the man utters becomes a mantra!

“That’s why you’ve never seen me reading a mantra, in puja or otherwise. We play Damaru, which is more than enough. Memorizing the mantra and then showing-off in front of people by repeating them doesn’t make any sense to me. Simplicity is the biggest deal. And the simplicity of a person develops only when all his desires are near the state of fulfillment. He won’t care for anything! Why does a man crave money or power? To fulfill some desires. If your desires are already fulfilled, then why would you go after them? If the Nature starts favoring you then you won’t have to worry about anything.”

[20090802-2] Recorded: July 10, 2003

Nature guiding our paths

Q: “Guruji, some people don’t shave during Navaratri, some don’t shave on Thursdays. Are there any such rules?”

Guruji: “The first rule only applies to people who fast all nine days and/or are indulged in special rituals during that time of the year. As far as weekdays go, some people don’t shave on Mondays or Tuesdays, some on Thursdays. There are no set rules about it. In fact, I’ve seen some south Indian Brahmins who especially get a clean shave, wash their hair, and get all tidy and cleaned up on Thursdays. Different regions have different traditions.”

Q: “I’ve realized that around 11pm in the night, I feel a sudden peace inside myself and in the surroundings.”

Guruji: “It shows that your body and mind have started getting ready for practice at that time. Your body is beginning to get tuned for it, so now it has become your physical need. This is why regular practice is so important. A set time develops a craving in your body for the kriya practice, and your heart and mind feel an immediate sense of peace. You will be in the mood to practice.”

Q: “I thought that peace descends due to the calm of the night.”

Guruji: “No, that’s not true; the real reason is regular practice. If the night time was the real reason, the entire world would be meditating at that time. Whatever time you choose for practice, stick to it and slowly your biological clock will begin to get activated at that time automatically. It’ll be like an alarm clock.

“After prolonged practice, that mood will stay throughout the day – each and every second. The practices we are doing right now form a continuous cycle of effects. For example, the lunch we eat in the afternoon has its effect till dinner, which in turn has its effect till breakfast. Similarly, the morning practice supports the evening practice and vice versa. And once that cycle forms, the person starts to feel an entirely different level of awareness and consciousness.”

Q: “Yes, I do have a high feeling throughout the day. Is that what you are talking about?”

Guruji: “Not just that, it must also be helping you perform better. That is essentially the development of consciousness. For example, any problem you face now, you’ll be able to think of it from different angles and the possible solutions. You’ll be able to see things and situations in their totality. I feel only people who reach this level of performance and consciousness are capable of doing extraordinary planning in life. Such people reach closer to the forth dimension we call Kaal or Time, and so naturally whatever they do will have a very long term effect on them and their coming generations.

“Why do you think self knowledge is important? It is important, so at least we can understand the purpose of our birth, and the purpose of spending time on earth. Why are we here, where have we come from, and what is our total potential aimed for? To answer these questions Nature will itself guide you towards your destiny. What we call as luck and chance is actually nothing but Nature prompting you on. Nothing happens by chance. It is actually Nature that guides all things around.”

Q: “So what is our role in this play of Nature? Is it just to keep moving ahead wherever it is guiding us?”

Guruji: ‘Our role is to keep getting more and more tuned with Nature. We talk about yoga, which literally means union, connection. Through yoga we are aiming for this connectivity with God, with the consciousness of Earth. We are all living on earth and along on our paths, we should realize it someday that whatever we are doing is somewhere guided by Mother Earth herself. In that case, if we are able to form a connectivity with Earth, her will will start getting executed through us, and this may even lead to the ultimate evolution – final transformation in the womb of Mother Earth! (read this discussion). I sometimes feel that this ultimate evolution is the driving force behind everything.”

Q: “You had mentioned that it takes ages to bring a man who is able to reach such levels.”

Guruji: “Yes, that’s absolutely true. And if we flip through the pages of history, such men have mostly been either yogis or avatars (incarnation of gods). Avatars are fully evolved souls who came back to earth to take birth.

“We can easily explain this through the process of union of sperm and ova. Initially, there are millions of sperms fighting for a union with ovum. But ultimately only one sperm which shows some signs of evolution gets that chance, with the support of Nature. It’s Nature only which not helps the sperm with the union, but also transforms it then after. Similarly, through yoga we are aiming for a union with the super-ovum of Mother Earth, and once that union takes place, the reins completely fall into the hands of Nature. After that, whatever transformation takes place will be mind-boggling and beyond all imagination!

Terms like self-realization and god-realization have been repeated way too often in the world. I am very tired of hearing their different interpretations as they do not convey the actual meaning of evolution properly. And think of the confusion these terms have caused in the world. Their vague explanations have led to the formation of thousands of cults and sects. Even though according to Earth time these cults don’t last even for the blink of an eye, but being sperms we have to bear all the confusion around (laughs).

“My suggestion is always to Think BIG and then Think BIGGER. Why be a miser in building castles in the air? They are just a flight of imagination, so make them as big as you can. The bigger you’ll think, the more you’ll progress. This is just an exercise for the mind. Make plans taking the entire life into consideration; think of life in its totality.”

[20090802] Conversation recorded on April 3, 2003

Mother Earth is Death Herself!

[Guruji recounting a dream]

Guruji: “It’s an old dream, very terrifying. I saw large number of people doing parikrama (circumambulation of the sacred Goverdhan mountain). I was standing with a very tall man; I was barely reaching his waistline. He was totally black and looked extremely horrifying, with no hair, and his teeth and nails about 4-5 feet long! And behind us, there were millions of funeral pyres burning.

“We were merrily talking. Just then, I saw him casually pick up a passing man, using his nails as forks, and start roasting him on the funeral pyre behind us, all the while talking to me. The man he picked up started crying loudly due to the pain. I asked, ‘if you want to kill him then kill him; why are torturing him like this?’. He answered that until the man’s blood boils in his veins and turns blue, it won’t bring out the flavor! After some time, he ate him and picked up another man the same way!”

“It was a very strange dream. Its still very vivid in my memory. Later when I discussed this with people, I found out that when you heat up the blood to a certain temperature, it actually turns blue. And the most terrifying thing was what he said about blood and developing flavor! It means that in future a lot of people will die out of some blood disease. Their blood will turn blue due to this disease and the torture will lead to their death.”

Q: “Guruji, did such dreams help you give some direction in real life, or were some sort of premonition of events to unfold?”

Guruji: “Yes it does give direction in life. And you also get to know about coming events, in a different way. The black man I saw in my dream could have been anybody. Goverdhan is known as kala devata (black deity). Yamaraj (lord of death) is also black, and the Kaal of Yamaraj is black too. One thing is clear is that the next century is going to be soaked in blood, much more compared to the 20th century! And the next 20-22 years are going to be be very significant.”

Q: “What do you mean by ‘Kaal of Yamaraj”?
Guruji: “Yamaraj is the god of death, and Kaal is a special messenger of Yamaraj; he is death only. Kaal is the one who carries the noose, is totally black, and always remains naked; his description is very terrifying. I feel the man I saw could be Kaal.

“Kaal has other meanings as well. One is Time in Its entirety. Other is, when they say ‘his time has come’ – the moment of death. When we read about Kaal, it’s actually description of the ‘moment of death’ personified – black, with a noose in his hands, etc. I saw this dream around four years back.”

Q: “Guruji, in Mahabharata, death has been described as a lady who prays to lord Brahma that she didn’t want to kill anybody.”

Guruji: “Yes, and she is very beautiful! There is no difference between death and Mother Earth. That is why we also call Earth as mrityuloka, the domain of death. And she is the most beautiful lady in the universe. When she prayed that she didn’t want to kill anybody, Brahma’s blessing to her was that she will never be blamed for anybody’s death. So nobody blames her for anything, they simply cannot. Mind it, Earth is death herself!
“We also know that whenever a person dies, the cause is always something else. They’ll say it was an accident, or drowned in water, or brain hemorrhage, or snake bite, etc. Have you heard anybody ever say that a person died because death arrived? Even if a people dies when a building falls, people don’t say it was Earth who killed him. For them it was the building that killed. If drought strikes some place, they say people died because of hunger.

“Think about it. It is very important. Mother Earth is death herself. As they say, death always walks alongside a person, which is true because we are living on it. And see what happens after we die, we get mixed up in Earth only. We go back to Earth only.”

Q: “How are Yamaraj and Kaal involved in this?”

Guruji: “There are two things here. Our souls have come out of the Void (shunyata), which is also carrying Earth. It is a form of Shiva only, that’s why jiva1 is also called Shiva. Now when the union of Shiva and Earth takes place, multiple life forms are produced. But the soul in a life-form is coming from Void only. The domain of the soul coming out of the Void is that of Yamaraj. He has no concern with the earthly matters. But what a soul learns, experiences, and gains out of its contact with Earth is definitely his concern.”

Q: “And what goes back to Earth?”

Guruji: “All parthivta, all that is made of earth. The five elements belong to Earth only, and they dissolve back in Earth. But the eternal substance inside us, one that is the form of Shiva, which is formless, unmanifest, and eternal goes somewhere else. This is where the domain of Yamaraj starts from. The ‘otherworldly’, which is completely separate from the material world.

“These are some stunning revelations. Until now, we were just hunched over Earth, but there has to be purpose to it too. Until now we’ve been thinking about the consciousness of Matter (chaitanya padartha). Now we are gradually moving towards the consciousness of the Void (chaitanya shunyata).

“Then we’ll move to the consciousness of Time. It is beyond even the Void. It is ever present, and yet ever beyond. Remember the movie ‘Matrix’, the scene where the Agent caught Morpheus and was saying to him: ‘I hate this place. I need the code to get out of this place, and the code is in this mind. Give me the code’.
The whole deal is get this code. Once we get this code, we’ll be able to get out of this ‘Matrix’ (laughs). “

[20090802] Conversation recorded on: [..]


  1. jiva is immortal substance in all living being

The Three Gunas – Sattva, Raja and Tama

[Triguna – the three Gunas – inherent qualities or attributes in which the nature of all things is said to be limited: Sattva (commonly interpreted as purity, goodness, truth), Raja (interpreted as activity, passion, desire) and Tama (ignorance, darkness, inertia). This a dictation from Guruji about the true meaning of the three gunas.]

To be
mukta (liberated), you need to be a little un-mukta (free spirited)…

“Creation begins in raja and tama gunas. The process of birth involves a union of sperm and ovum. In this union, only that sperm succeeds which lasts longer and is more powerful than other sperms. After the sperm unites with ovum and embryo development begins, the sperm becomes inert, or in other words, attains peace after its union with ovum, and all around it a new personality is created by raja (female menstrual blood). After its complete transformation, the sperm re-appears taking birth from the womb of its mother, borrowing the form of its father and/or mother. Without a complete transformation of its being, a sperm can never expect to learn about its creator. All living forms we see on earth are only transformations of sperms, the change which was made possible only after submitting to the raja-guna.

“The next step of development which is to establish in sattva-guna, will start when we unite ourselves with Mother Earth. Thus completely transformed by the grace of Mother Earth, our form will be in the likeness of One Who manifests everything, and we’ll be introduced to our Creator through the grace of Mother Earth. That will be the pinnacle of sattva-guna.

“The state of the sperm before it meets ovum is tama, because it exists in the darkness of ignorance, without knowing who it is or the purpose of its existence. After its union with ovum and its transformation by raja, it is established in raja-guna. All living beings on earth are thus limited only in raja-guna. Only after their final unification with Goddess Earth, they would be established in sattva-guna. This unification with Mother Earth is the final transformation, only after which a being could be considered eligible to know their Ultimate Father, or the Creator. Thus born, their nature would transcend all the three gunas and they would be called trigun-atita – beyond all three gunas including sattva guna, the state which is also known as Turiya state, or the fourth state. This is the real secret of the three gunas!

“At sperm level, everybody is limited in tama. After birth , they are said to be established in raja-guna because they are at least able to see their mother and father. After we unify with Mother Earth, then we’ll get to know our real Father – God or Creator and are introduced to Him. Not before that.

“This is why I find the popular rendition of the three gunas totally ridiculous. One who likes to eat meat is called tama-guni, if you prefer spicy food than you are raja-guni and if you like milk-pudding than you are situated in sattva-guna, and if you crave for samosas (a spicy snack) again, you are back to raja-guna! Can you imagine the taste preference to be the basis for the three gunas!”[Dictated on June 22, 2003]


विष्णु पुराण – वर्षा ऋतू वर्णन

.. and the rainy season.

तब मेघ समूह से आकाश को आच्छादित करता हुआ तथा अतिशय वाराधारियों से दिशाओं को एक रूप करता हुआ वर्षाकाल आया। उस समय नवीन दूर्वा के बढ जाने और वीरबहूटियों से व्याप्त हो जाने से पृथ्वी पद्मरागविभूषिता मरकतमयी-सी जान पड़ने लगी।

जिस प्रकार नया धन पाकर दुष्ट पुरुषों का चित्त उच्छ्र्न्ख्ल हो जाता है उसी प्रकार नदियों का जल सब और अपना निर्दिष्ट मार्ग छोड़कर बहने लगा। जैसे मूर्ख मनुष्यों की ध्र्ष्टता पूर्ण उक्तियों से अच्छे वक्ता की वाणी भी मलिन पड़ जाती है वैसे ही मलिन मेघों से आच्छादित रहने के कारण निर्मल चन्द्रमा भी शोभाहीन हो गया।

जिस प्रकार विवेकहीन राजा के संग में गुणहीन मनुष्य भी प्रतिष्ठा प्राप्त कर लेता है उसी प्रकार आकाश-मंडल में गुणरहित इन्द्र-धनुष स्थित हो गया। दुराचारी पुरूष में कुलीन पुरूष की निष्कपट शुभ चेष्टा के समान मेघमंडल में बगुलों की निर्मल पंक्ति सुशोभित होने लगी।

श्रेष्ठ पुरूष के साथ दुर्जन की मित्रता के समान अत्यन्त चंचला विद्युत आकाश में स्थिर न रह सकी। महामूर्ख मनुष्यों की अन्यार्थिका उक्तियों के समान मार्ग तृण और दूबसमूह से आच्छादित होकर अस्पष्ट हो गए।