Mysterious Gwalior: The Fort

A: “I was reading a book about the history of Gwalior. It mentioned that the Gwalior fort was built by Raja Mansingh at the request of a siddha named Gwalipa.”

Guruji: “I’ve heard that as well. Mansingh built only a few portions of the fort though, what are now known as “Man Mandir” and “Gujari Mahal”. The rest of the fort is quite old. In fact, it is one of the oldest forts in India. By the way, the temple in the fort known as ‘Saas Bahu Mandir’ was originally “Sahastrabahu Mandir”. [Sahastrabahu, “the-thousand-armed” is a legendary figure in Hindu mythology. He is also known as Kartyavirya Arjuna]. Over time, the name Sahastrabahu got corrupted into Saas Bahu (Saas = mother-in-law, Bahu = daughter-in-law).

“This history is not generally well known, but there are clues to prove that it might be true. There’s a village called Jamdwara near Gwalior, where it is believed that Jamdagni Rishi lived and built his ashram. That is the place where Lord Parashuram was born, and where he decapitated his mother Renuka Devi, and that’s where he fought and defeated Sahastrabahu Arjuna. Keeping these legends in mind, it is conceivable that there could be a temple of Sahastrabahu in Gwalior. There’s no deity in that temple which is really strange, but the place is very beautiful.”

“I’ve heard that there’s a maze in the fort where a lot of people have gotten lost over the years.”

“Not exactly a maze, but there’s a yantra like pattern in the garden of Gujari Mahal which sometimes people refer to as maze. There are a lot of hidden passages in the fort though. Some legends say that the fort was built overnight by djinns (genies) ! This is a legend from that area. Some sweet-makers in Old Gwalior (where the fort is) claim that djinns used to come in the night to buy sweets from them! By the way of payment, the djinns would give them round ‘coins’ made of leather, with 1 gram of Gold nail hammered in the middle of it. I have seen such a ‘coin’ in the possession of a shop-keeper. The shop-keepers used to keep the shops open all night long in the hope that the djinns would come buy from them, since the price djinns would pay with this special coin was much higher than the value of the sweets (laugh). That area is quite mysterious in some ways.”

“This book also claims that the current Gwalior is actually the old Goverdhan”.

“That’s very interesting to know! People say that in Krishna’s times, Gwalior was a part of Vraj. The cow herders (Gwaley) used to own all this land, including Gwalior and nearby places like Gohad. These places used to belong to the cow herders of Vraj mandal. Even the mountains of Gwalior are known as Gopanchal mountains. ‘Gopanchal’ literally means a place where gop or cow herder lives. It is definitely possible.

“Also see, there’s a place near Gwalior called “Jaurasi ka Daank” which is actually the place of spiritual austerities of the 84 Siddhas! 84 in Hindi is pronounced Churasi, from which the name Jaurasi came. Datia (a place near Gwalior) is associated with Lord Dattatreya. Its old name is Datteya. The temple of Lord Shiva there, Van Khandeswara Maharaj, is a very ancient temple. There’s a legend that Ashwatthama used to come and worship there. The place was later developed by Datia Swami. But it was already a siddha place.

“Send me a copy of the book you are reading, it sounds very interesting. [“Gwalior” by Arthur Hugh, Vidya Mandir Publications].

“There’s another legend about how the fort of Gwalior came about. There was a king named Surajsen who suffered from leprosy. He did worship of the sun to get healed from his sickness and he did. After that, he built the fort of Gwalior. There’s a kund (reservoir) named after him in the fort, called Suraj kund. In fact, there’s plenty of water at the top of the fort. There are many water tanks which never dry-up and they are always filled with water even though there’s no apparent source of water to them. The fort is quite big – it is about 2km x 1 km. There are also a lot of snakes and pythons in the fort.”

“In the book, there’s also a reference about a police constable who turned into a sadhu and now tells stories to everyone.”

“Yeah, it is a very old story. He was called Baba Lochandas. He used to be a police constable and a very sincere devotee of Lord Hanuman. One day, in his worship of Hanumanji he completely lost track of time and missed his duty at work. Later, he found out that some one else had come and carried out his duties in place of him. That instant itself he resigned from his job and turned into a sadhu. First he used to live near the fort but then he moved to Sanichara (a place in Gwalior). I’ve seen that place where he moved. It is quite remote. For miles, you don’t see any houses or people and at the end of the road there’s a temple on top of a mountain where sadhus have a place to stay. “

[20090801] Recorded: June 18, 2004

Commentaries, Immortality, Babaji

Guruji: “Sometimes I feel that if I hadn’t been working out with Mudgars (heavy Indian clubs) or Bullworker, I would have had nervous breakdown in Gwalior itself – commentary on Gita, Yoga Dardhan, Shiva Sutra took such a tremendous effort! I’m glad that I had been doing body-building which is why I was able to tolerate the experience. See for yourself – anybody who has done commentary on Gita didn’t live much longer after that. Except for Sri Krishna, he lived for 36yrs after saying Gita.

“It has been 12 years now. I don’t feel like looking at my books again – may be the mental fatigue of the work is still there in the mind. I answer when someone asks a question about my commentary, otherwise I don’t talk about them. Repetition of what I said 12 years ago get a little bit irksome. A yogi’s mind continues to develop. These books clarify the fundamental understanding. In the last 12 years, a lot of intricate details and peculiarities have become clearer now. Mr X came the other day to discuss my commentary on Gita. It was my good fortune that he developed fever the next day and I was spared (laugh). If you can live with Mr. X for 2 months, you’ll definitely become paramhansa. See, I’m telling you a short-cut to achieve paramhansa state. And if you don’t become paramhansa, will have to put you in a mental asylum and bring you flowers (laugh). God really listens in difficult times. I was getting very concerned about the impending doom (laugh).”
“You must have noticed that your face looks younger after practice. Sometimes I feel that the secret of Babaji’s immortality is hidden in these yoga practices. Otherwise the change in skin tone or the younger look on the face would not have been possible.”

Aditya: “Guruji, why the old gurus, Lahiri Mahasaya and others, did not maintain a young look or live a long life?”

Guruji: “Lahiri Mahasaya’s case was different. Babaji had given him specific objective, which he was able to successfully accomplish with single-minded and concentrated work. His body also didn’t have the qualities required for preservation for longevity. Your body needs to be qualified to be immortal. These yoga practices that I teach have been introduced after a long time. I do feel there’s something about it, somewhere there’s the secret of immortality hidden in it. The body gets stronger with age and the looks remain the same. Of course, the brain also develops, which is the key objective. I have observed one more difference. My aura has turned bright white now. It used to look golden but now it is crystalline white. This change came about in the past few months. Outer edges are golden but inner area is crystalline white, and it is as bright as before. It’s a sign of progress.”

Q: “In Oscar Wilde’s novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, the picture grows old but Dorian Gray doesn’t. What do you think about this story?”

Guruji: “I’ve read it. It’s a psychological novel like Dr Jekyll and Hyde, that every person has an other side. I really like his work. His story ‘The Canterville Ghost’ is quite hilarious! Have you read it? It’s very funny. Actually it’s a satire on a typical American family.”

Q: “I’ve also observed that sometimes the expression or the mood in a photograph appears to change. Is it psychological or does it really happen?”

Guruji: “It actually happens. What is a photograph? It’s a likeness. That means, if there’s a strong connection between you and the person in the photograph, like with your parents or Guru, or if the person is mentally very powerful, you may see their expressions change on special occassions. It’s a communication link. For example, Babaji’s murti (idol, effigy) has sometimes totally different expressions on his face! Many people have seen that, way too many. Day before yesterday, some people observed smile on the face of our Hanumanji’s murti. They got very scared.

“I’ve observed that with my photograph taken at the cottage (in Gwalior). My looks and expressions keep changing in that photograph. Some days it looks very powerful, some days very weak. Some days the face is very bright, sometimes irritated. This means that whatever is my mood that day gets reflected in that picture. “

Q: “You had mentioned the look in Babaji’s eyes.”

Guruji: “Yeah, his eyes have a verrry ancient look in them. When you look at his physical appearance, he looks like a young man – you can probably place him in 35-40 years. But when you look into his eyes, they have a very ancient look. The impressions appear very ancient. This is sort of expected. What you experience is registered in your mind, and eyes reflect your mind. An immortal being’s eyes reflect all his experiences! He has a very penetrating gaze. It feels like he can see through you. You also feel very nervous in front of him. which is but natural. My last meeting with him was 9 years ago (Dec 1995). There hasn’t been any meeting in person since then. Even the second meeting was 7 years after the first one (April 1st, 1988). Let’s see what happens next.”

[20090801] Recorded: June 13th, 2004

Nostradamus’s Prophecies for Year 2000: A Different Calendar?

[Couple of days back there was an interesting discussion on Nostradamus’s prophecies. Someone noted how nothing drastic really happened in year 2000, contrary to what was prophecized by Nostradamus.]

Guruji’s reply: “We primarily look at year 2000 (A.D. – anno Domini) of Gregorian calendar. However, lets consider year 2000 of Vikram Samvata (the Hindu calendar, which is currently running year 2060), which comes to around 1944 A.D.”

“When you look back, many defining events of history took place around that time. Second world war was at its peak, a major destructive power was unleashed upon the world in the form of two atomic bombs. After the war, the political structure of the world had a complete overhaul. Monarchy was swept clean almost everywhere: no one could have ever imagined that kings would be reduced to a common man’s level, the sun over the British empire set, USA and Russia came forward as two super-powers, India gained independence and came forward as world’s biggest democracy, communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims surfaced for the first time at such a mass level, states were divided including partition of India. For the first time, the call for non-violence was made, from India, and that too right in the middle of a war – that was almost inconceivable in olden days. The concept of non-cooperation was put forward as a tool for peaceful protest. These concepts evolved only around year 2000 Vikram Samvata. With the formation of United Nations, all countries came forward to work together for world peace and development. We started talking about equality, human rights, that all men are born equal, one vote per person. With the birth of Israel, after centuries of persecution Jews around the world found a place they could call home! These are not only revolutionary changes, but even evolutionary!.”
“Thus we find that the year 2000 of Vikram Samvata was indeed very significant. Considering all this, it appears more appropriate and accurate to base Nostradamus’s predictions for year 2000 on Vikram Samvata calendar. Its definitely something which requires further research.”


About Vegetarianism

“[ ….. that book] also gives an idea about the kind of food that was popular in old days. For example, if someone is very weak, he used to be suggested different kinds of meat-soups. Like with some medicines use goat-meat etc. Some things make immediate change in man’s strength.”

Then why is eating meat prohibited or considered inappropriate by Hindus?

“It is prohibited because dead body is considered impure or unholy. Meat comes from a dead body, a corpse. It has medicinal use, and offered to ancestral spirits, but is prohibited in daily use. For mortal offering to ancestral spirits it is considered appropriate – even different kinds of meats are prescribed in different situations. You can find these descriptions in Kurma Purana, Manu Smriti etc. Meats were used for after-death rites and medicinal purposes. It wasn’t considered necessary for healthy people as eating dead things would destroy the purity/holiness of body and give rise to impure thoughts in mind.”

“What about the common argument that plants also live?”

“Understood that plants also die, but there’s obviously a difference between plants and those in which the life-blood flows. There’s no end to arguing, you can argue either way. There was a movie we were watching. Was a comedy – the hero would become a werewolf at night.. in one scene, the girlfriend asked “Do you trust me?”. The man replied “Are you a vegetarian? I only trust vegetarians”. [laugh]

In-fact, vegetarianism is getting popular, though slowly; this is very encouraging. Doctors also suggest to go off meat – like avoid eating red meat etc. Diseases like arthritis, weakening of digestive juices even cancer are more common in those who eat meat. Those whose staple diet consists of grains etc usually don’t suffer from arthritis. They are healthier on an average. Heart problems are not very common among them. Take even cancer, number of cancer patients you’ll find among meat eaters will be much more compared to vegetarians. Well, people must have started noticing this. There could be one or two coincidences, not hundreds or thousands!”

“I guess ultimately it all comes down to taste.”

“That’s true. But imagine two kinds of meals – one from an Indian feast where you’ll have tens of kinds of Dals, rice, puddings, salads, curries, snacks and vegetables etc and just next to it another one with a tandoori chicken or steak or beef leg etc. Which one would appeal to our taste buds? Of course, for us, its the first one. With the second one you can immediately sense the sighs or curses of the chicken or the dying pig [laugh]. Well, its bound to affect your mood too. At least the first meal doesn’t have the curse of a dying being! [laugh] Nobody can say that the rice pudding is cursed or there’s a cold sigh coming out of vegetable curry [laugh]. Mood after eating the meal should be good. There’s another point. If you are making potato curry, you won’t feel bad or revulsion at the idea of cutting or peeling a potato. On the other hand, if you are making a chicken dish, imagine what you have to go through. First, you’ll have to remove feathers, then take the guts out, clean it up boil it etc. Compared to peeling a potato and frying it there’s a huge difference! The atmosphere will be complete different. Go to a meat market in the US, you’ll see hundred of cows skinned and cut and on the other hand go to a vegetable stall to buy tomatoes. There’s a big difference and makes a lot of difference. Even most of the non-vegetarians can’t actually kill and prepare the meat of the animal by themselves!”

“Now, the concept of hunting in olden times was a different.”

“How so?”

“Well, they didn’t have anything to eat so they hunted an animal and ate it – that can be understood. It could be considered natural as many animals do that too. However, this industry built around selling meat is not right. If you have the guts, hunt for yourself! I’m pretty sure that 90% of people will give up eating meat if they had to hunt and kill the animal for their own food!”
“No one can watch killing an animal”.
“That’s true. Now there’s talk about compassion and love and on the other hand their mouths will water at the sight of a lamb! What kind of compassion is this? Jesus Christ is also shown in pictures with a sweet smile and carrying a lamb in hands. Who knows whether the smile on his face is of real compassion towards the small animal or due to the anticipation of pleasure of devouring a tasty meal of it? [laugh]. Its still an unanswered question! This question should be raised – it is known that he was not a vegetarian – was he taking that lamb to the kitchen or was he just carrying it with love? [laugh] Probably no one can answer that. This should really be found out [laugh].”

“This world is very fascination, interesting. Important thing is that the observations should be unbiased and independent, then only it becomes interesting. Otherwise, what’s the point.”


The story of master Manveer Singh

Some people came to visit Guruji from their village near Meerut. They were almost bursting with excitement. When asked what was the reason, they said they have witnessed one of the most amazing incidents with their own eyes. Here’s the story they told..

Master Manveer Singh had been sick for last few days. On this fateful morning the news of his death spread through the village. Hundreds of people thronged to his house since in the course of his life, he had taught almost everybody in that village, and thus he was well admired and respected. Since his son worked outside, the village elders sent couple of men to fetch him to perform Manveer Singh’s last rites. While the men were gone to fetch his son, the elders prepared the dead body for cremation. They bathed and decorated the body and layed it down on an arthi (bamboo bier/frame on which the dead body is carried to the cremation grounds). Son’s village was a little far off, and the only transportation available was motor-cycle. It would already be evening before the dispatch party could come back. While everybody was waiting, Manveer Singh suddenly sat up from his bier and asked for a glass of water..

First reaction among the visitors was of course that of panic. With stories of ghosts and ghouls taking over a dead body so common in India, especially in villages, that it took them some time to come to their senses. After a while, the elders gathered some courage and asked master Manveer Singh ‘Ma’sab, what’s going on? You’ve been dead since the morning, at least two doctors declared you clinically dead and now you are talking!’

The account master Manveer Singh then narrated of what had passed is most amazing. In his words:

“I was sitting in my living room reading a newspaper. I heard someone knocking on the front door asking for me by my mother’s name: ‘Does Smt. Kamala Devi’s son Manveer Singh live here?’. I thought they must be some relatives from my mother’s side visiting from a her village so I told them to come in, the door was unlocked. Two men came in, one of them was quite tall, and the other one equally short. They were dark-skinned, very muscular and only had a loincloth around their waist and a turban-like cloth wrapped on their heads. Besides these two pieces of clothing, they had nothing else on their bodies.

“The shorter of them asked me a bit harshly ‘Are you Kamala Devi’s son Manveer Singh?’. I said yes. He told the taller guy – ‘let’s get him then!’. Both of them came forward and grabbing my hands rushed me out of my house. My first thought was that they were kidnapping me [Manveer Singh didn’t realize then that his physical body was left behind] . Outside the house, the shorter guy said again ‘let’s take him up’ – and they pulled me up in the air! Then I thought may be I’m having a bad dream. As we rose up in the sky, I saw my house, my village then the city of Meerut, the Indian peninsula, the continents – we rose so high that I could see the curvature of earth.

“We subsequently entered what appeared to be an entire city. The buildings there were huge, and they were all shaped like the Konarka sun temple in south India. Outside some of these buildings, I saw very long lines of people waiting to get inside – and occasionally I would hear loud orders such as ‘throw him raurava hell’, or ‘burn this guy in kumbhipaka (another hell)’. Interestingly, the people were always called in by the names of their mothers. Anyway, we reached a building outside which there was a very short line [it would appear that that must have been the line of virtuous people and since master Manveer Singh lead a very honest and virtuous life, he didn’t have to stand in punishment with the others].

“Again, I was called in by my mother’s name. Inside, I saw a very large man, about 8 to 9 feet who appeared to be very old and had a large pure-white beard. This man had a very blissful air about him and glory seemed to be emanating from him. He asked the shorter of the two messengers for the requisition letter. The shorter guy took a piece of paper out of his turban and gave it to him. The white-bearded guy looked at that paper and said ‘There must have been some mistake, you’ve brought the wrong guy’ [it would appear that the mistake was in the name of the mother, there was some other Kamala Devi’s son who’s time was up]. The shorter messenger replied ‘Sir, we only did what were told. This is the only Manveer Singh son of Kamala Devi we could find’. The white-bearded guy looked down from his chair and said ‘It’s still not too late, we have time. Send him back and bring him again after 2 years‘.

“While the ‘officials’ were having this conversation, I was feeling extremely relaxed and happy in that place – I had no desire to go back and was wondering if I could stay there forever. The messengers took me out of the building to send me back – I asked them would it be okay if we could stay there a little longer. The shorter guy lashed out at me ‘Fool, because of you we’ve already wasted so much time, get the hell out of here’. He kicked me on my back and I started falling down again. As I was falling down, I saw the same sequence of images – first the curvature of earth, then shape of continents, country, city of Meerut, my village and then my house. Outside my house, I saw a corpse on a bier ready for cremation with a lot of people gathered around. I was sure I was going to die falling from this height and I cursed my fortune that I would die landing on a corpse! As I got a closer look, I realized that it was me itself! I regained consciousness only after I was in my body.”

As master Manveer Singh was telling this, he was still sulking over the fact that it was so peaceful up there and why did he have to come back. Anyway, life slowly went back to normal. Two interesting changes were observed though – first, for the first few days after the incident, he felt very thirsty all the time. He would drink lots of water and it still wouldn’t quench his thirst. Secondly, the area where the shorter messenger guy had kicked Manveer Singh had become completely numb – the skin had turned black and there was no sensation left in that area.

After hearing this story, Guruji asked the visitors to keep an eye out for what happens next. Two years later, master Manveer Singh was coming back to his village on a tractor, after buying a buffalo from an animal fair. Somewhere on the way, the tractor went over a sharp bump – one of the iron rails on the side came off and impaled Manveer Singh through the head. He died right then and there. It was exactly on the same date he had died and came back two years earlier!

Guruji said that may be these kind of mistakes [people being sent back from death since their time wasn’t up yet] are being deliberately made. As the society is making progress materially, we are also being constantly reminded to not forget about the other world, that there is something beyond our visible world as well.

This is the unbelievable but true story of master Manveer Singh.


The Three Gunas – Sattva, Raja and Tama

[Triguna – the three Gunas – inherent qualities or attributes in which the nature of all things is said to be limited: Sattva (commonly interpreted as purity, goodness, truth), Raja (interpreted as activity, passion, desire) and Tama (ignorance, darkness, inertia). This a dictation from Guruji about the true meaning of the three gunas.]

To be
mukta (liberated), you need to be a little un-mukta (free spirited)…

“Creation begins in raja and tama gunas. The process of birth involves a union of sperm and ovum. In this union, only that sperm succeeds which lasts longer and is more powerful than other sperms. After the sperm unites with ovum and embryo development begins, the sperm becomes inert, or in other words, attains peace after its union with ovum, and all around it a new personality is created by raja (female menstrual blood). After its complete transformation, the sperm re-appears taking birth from the womb of its mother, borrowing the form of its father and/or mother. Without a complete transformation of its being, a sperm can never expect to learn about its creator. All living forms we see on earth are only transformations of sperms, the change which was made possible only after submitting to the raja-guna.

“The next step of development which is to establish in sattva-guna, will start when we unite ourselves with Mother Earth. Thus completely transformed by the grace of Mother Earth, our form will be in the likeness of One Who manifests everything, and we’ll be introduced to our Creator through the grace of Mother Earth. That will be the pinnacle of sattva-guna.

“The state of the sperm before it meets ovum is tama, because it exists in the darkness of ignorance, without knowing who it is or the purpose of its existence. After its union with ovum and its transformation by raja, it is established in raja-guna. All living beings on earth are thus limited only in raja-guna. Only after their final unification with Goddess Earth, they would be established in sattva-guna. This unification with Mother Earth is the final transformation, only after which a being could be considered eligible to know their Ultimate Father, or the Creator. Thus born, their nature would transcend all the three gunas and they would be called trigun-atita – beyond all three gunas including sattva guna, the state which is also known as Turiya state, or the fourth state. This is the real secret of the three gunas!

“At sperm level, everybody is limited in tama. After birth , they are said to be established in raja-guna because they are at least able to see their mother and father. After we unify with Mother Earth, then we’ll get to know our real Father – God or Creator and are introduced to Him. Not before that.

“This is why I find the popular rendition of the three gunas totally ridiculous. One who likes to eat meat is called tama-guni, if you prefer spicy food than you are raja-guni and if you like milk-pudding than you are situated in sattva-guna, and if you crave for samosas (a spicy snack) again, you are back to raja-guna! Can you imagine the taste preference to be the basis for the three gunas!”[Dictated on June 22, 2003]


विष्णु पुराण – वर्षा ऋतू वर्णन

.. and the rainy season.

तब मेघ समूह से आकाश को आच्छादित करता हुआ तथा अतिशय वाराधारियों से दिशाओं को एक रूप करता हुआ वर्षाकाल आया। उस समय नवीन दूर्वा के बढ जाने और वीरबहूटियों से व्याप्त हो जाने से पृथ्वी पद्मरागविभूषिता मरकतमयी-सी जान पड़ने लगी।

जिस प्रकार नया धन पाकर दुष्ट पुरुषों का चित्त उच्छ्र्न्ख्ल हो जाता है उसी प्रकार नदियों का जल सब और अपना निर्दिष्ट मार्ग छोड़कर बहने लगा। जैसे मूर्ख मनुष्यों की ध्र्ष्टता पूर्ण उक्तियों से अच्छे वक्ता की वाणी भी मलिन पड़ जाती है वैसे ही मलिन मेघों से आच्छादित रहने के कारण निर्मल चन्द्रमा भी शोभाहीन हो गया।

जिस प्रकार विवेकहीन राजा के संग में गुणहीन मनुष्य भी प्रतिष्ठा प्राप्त कर लेता है उसी प्रकार आकाश-मंडल में गुणरहित इन्द्र-धनुष स्थित हो गया। दुराचारी पुरूष में कुलीन पुरूष की निष्कपट शुभ चेष्टा के समान मेघमंडल में बगुलों की निर्मल पंक्ति सुशोभित होने लगी।

श्रेष्ठ पुरूष के साथ दुर्जन की मित्रता के समान अत्यन्त चंचला विद्युत आकाश में स्थिर न रह सकी। महामूर्ख मनुष्यों की अन्यार्थिका उक्तियों के समान मार्ग तृण और दूबसमूह से आच्छादित होकर अस्पष्ट हो गए।

विष्णु पुराण – शरद ऋतू वर्णन

A poetic description of the Fall season (शरद ऋतू) from Vishnu Purana, found out from Guruji. It’s amazing!

(reproduced verbatim from GitaPress translation)

इस प्रकार उन राम और कृष्ण के व्रज में विहार करते करते वर्षाकाल बीत गया और प्रफुल्लित कमलों से युक्त शरद ऋतू आ गई| जैसे गृहस्थ पुरूष पुत्र और क्षेत्र आदि में लगी हुई ममता से संताप पाते हैं उसी प्रकार मछलियाँ गड्डों के जल में अत्यन्त ताप पाने लगीं| संसार की असारता को जानकर जिस प्रकार योगीजन शांत हो जाते हैं, उसी प्रकार मयूरगण मदहीन होकर मौन हो गए| विज्ञानी गण जिस प्रकार घर का त्याग कर देते हैं वैसे ही निर्मल श्वेत मेघों ने अपना जलस्वरूप सर्वस्य छोड़कर आकाशमंडल का परित्याग कर दिया|

विविध पदार्थों में ममता करने से जैसे देहधारियों के हृदय सारहीन हो जाते हैं वैसे ही शरतकालीन सूर्य के ताप से सरोवर सूख गए| निर्मलचित्त पुरुषों के मन जिस प्रकार ज्ञान द्वारा समता प्राप्त कर लेते हैं उसी प्रकार शरतकालीन जलों को कुमुदों से सम्बन्ध प्राप्त हो गया| जिस प्रकार साधू-कुल में चरम-देह-धारी योगी सुशोभित होते हैं उसी प्रकार तारका-मंडल-मंडित निर्मल आकाश में पूर्ण-चंद्र विराजमान हुआ|

जिस प्रकार क्षेत्र और पुत्र आदि में बड़ी हुई ममता को विवेकीजन शनै-शनै त्याग देते हैं वैसे ही जलाशयों का जल धीरे-धीरे अपने तट को छोड़ने लगा| जिस प्रकार अंतरयों (विघ्नों) से विचलित हुए कुयोगियों का क्लेशों से पुनः संयोग हो जाता है उसी प्रकार पहले छोड़े हुए सरोवर के जल से हंसों का पुनः संयोग हो गया| क्रमंशः महायोग प्राप्त कर लेने पर जैसे यती निश्चालात्मा हो जाता है वैसे ही जल के स्थिर हो जाने से समुद्र निश्चल हो गया|

जिस प्रकार सर्वगत भगवान् विष्णु को जान लेने पर मेधावी पुरुषों के चित्त शांत हो जाते हैं वैसे ही समस्त जलाशयों का जल स्वच्छ हो गया| योगाग्नि द्वारा क्लेशसमूह के नष्ट हो जाने पर जैसे योगियों के चित्त स्वच्छ हो जाते हैं उसी प्रकार शीत के कारण मेघों के लीन हो जाने से आकाश निर्मल हो गया|

जिस प्रकार अंहकार-जनित महान दुखों विवेक शांत कर देता है उसी प्रकार सूर्यकिरणों से उत्पन्न हुए ताप को चन्द्रमा ने शांत कर दिया| प्रत्याहार जैसे इन्द्रियों को उनके विषयों से खींच लेता है वैसे ही शरतकाल नें आकाश से मेघों को, पृथ्वी से धूलि को और जल से मल को दूर कर दिया|

[पानी से भर जाने के कारण] मानों तालाबों के जल पूरक कर चुकने पर अब [स्थिर रहने और सूखने से] रात-दिन कुम्भक एवं रेचक क्रिया द्वारा प्राणायाम का अभ्यास कर रहे हैं|