Mother Earth: Our God

[These collective thoughts as presented here in conversation form were expressed by guruji Yogiraj Shri Shailendra Sharma in discussions with disciples on several occassions]
Out of the earth we have come and to the earth we shall return one day...

"Different forms of creation rise from the earth and in the end, merge back with the earth, as waves in the sea - they are individual waves and yet a part of the sea. All life depends on earth, all life originates from earth. Earth is our God, our mother. She is the basis for everything; our happiness, our sadness are all directly linked to Mother Earth. Civilizations come and go, Earth goes on forever. What is Earth's remains on earth no matter what. We already belong to Earth, going and returning are hypothetical, WE BELONG TO THE EARTH. Bible says we came out of the dust, even dust is a part of the earth.

"She's our sole provider; whether we are alive or dead or even if we become gods! When we are alive, we get everything from earth. Even after death, Mother Earth holds our remains - we merge back into the Earth. If we are buried our graves are formed here, if we are cremated we are burnt into ashes to become a part of the earth. All our after-life rites take place here be it shradda, tarpan (offerings to ancestral spirits) etc. Even for gods, the continuity of their existence depends on earth; their worship, followers, ceremonies, temples are all based upon Earth. The sacred rituals, yajna etc for appeasement of gods all take place here. All states of existence - living, dead or divine depend on Mother Earth. No one has EVER been able to get away from Earth - be it a renunciate, god, dead, ancestral spirit, or a living being.

"We all are bits of earth and we have an individuality, a feeling of being which we call atma (spirit, soul). Why is it so hard to conceive that Earth would have an individuality too, feeling of a super being - paramatma, the Supreme Self? Aren't we a part of her? Even the most intelligent man depends on food - intelligence can't survive without proper nourishment, right? We derive that intelligence, that nourishment from Earth. The whole play of consciousness goes on over here. That sole provider, should we consider it a dead planet? Or is it that her life span itself is beyond our understanding? Scientists estimate earth to be over 4 billion years old. Comparing that to an average human life span of about 60 years, how can a 60 years old person comprehend the consciousness of someone who is more than 4 billion years old! Even the thought of ever meeting a 1000 years old man sends jitters down our spine - and here we live on a 4 billion years old individual and are not even aware of it! Who can deny that earth has a consciousness? Our own consciousness depends on her. In earth's time, we live for about half a second! How can such an ephemeral existence comprehend what does she think of, where did she come from, where will she go?

"It is believed that Earth is formed from Sun and will be destroyed much before Sun is. However, I affirm that Earth will never go away! Scientists estimate age of Earth to be about 4.5 billion years. According to ancient Hindu calculations, a day in the life of Brahma is about 4.32 billion years long. After our current Sun burns out, Earth will go in a hibernation period till she finds another Sun. This is the dark period, when life becomes inert - what is described in scriptures as when Brahma sleeps. Earth moves on after this dark period, and form a union with another Sun which will create life again. Suns may come and go, Earth will go on forever! May be she absorbs all energy from Sun. Earth is not made from Sun. It is a scientific hypothesis, but I'm now totally convinced that nothing can ever happen to Earth. Though the face of earth may change, but there will never be total annhilation of Earth. May be that's why scriptures say our our souls are beginningless; nobody knows where they have come from because Earth is beginningless and souls are born of Earth. Earth came out of the darkness so long ago nobody remembers what exactly happened..

"Once we realize there's no destruction of Earth, it logically follows that whoever can unite his or her consciousness with Mother Earth will remain unscathed forever. We all have viruses breeding inside our bodies but they are not our offsprings. Only one or two sperms which can ovulate in mother's womb become our children. May be we are like that, viruses living on Earth. Those of us who can ovolute in Earth's womb, may be only those are real offsprings of Earth. This is rarest of all secrets, about this ovolution - union with Earth's consciousness. If she accepts you as her own, that this existence is not a virus but my own offspring, She can provide you with eternal life! Imagine how much knowledge we can gain in one billion years, how much union we can accomplish..."

Q: How shall Mother Earth identify us as her children and not viruses?
Guruji's reply: "When we start behaving like children. Children will care for their Mother Earth, a virus will just thrive on her: increase pollution, spread disease, deplete resources - exactly like what's happening in the world right now. A son will respect her mother, listen to her like in a family."

"We have so many religions on earth, so many faiths. Not even a single one of them one of them postulates any theory about the origin of Earth, not even the Hindu religion. All that is said is that Earth came out of the darkness (in Greek mythology), self-formed and that She is beginningless, that's it. There are also mythological stories about constant battle between gods and demons over earth. Reality is, whoever rules over Earth will rule the entire universe, at least the spritual/astral world. This is also one of the most secretive facts that was revealed.

"People are beginning to realize the uselessness and futility of wasting time on religious fanatism. We'll soon understand that Mother Earth is our God. So many prophets came and preached different religions to people, yet none of them could go beyond Earth. Some worship tree spirits or mountain spirits - those are also small bits and pieces of Mother Earth; we should consider things as a whole. People believe they are going to heaven but their graves are left on earth - why don't they take their body along? Its the truth of the matter, and people will accept the wisdom of it.

"Have you ever heard any scientist making a statement that Earth is unparalleled? We can now see millions of lightyears away. We have explored to the limits of the universe to find a planet resembling our Earth but couldn't. No scientist ever said that Earth is unique - but I'm saying She is, one of Her kind in the whole universe. We search for water on moon and mars and at the same time pollute water on our planet!

"[...] was quoting from Vedanta

how the world is an illusion.. Shankaracharya lived for only thirty-two years and proclaimed Earth's existence for billions of years as illusion! You should be really careful about these things, just because somebody has been famous for a thousand years doesn't mean he is right. Humanity is now mature enough to understand reality; all religions have gone after collecting power, money and control. They have ingrain this feeling of servitude in all of us - 'Serve God!' is the first sermon of all religions. All religions are politically motivated - to gain control. This concept of hypothetical invisible God is an 'unearthly' thing, we should all realize that. Who can defute we belong to Earth? Not to a hypothetical invisible God - She is our God. We're also taught Vasudhaive kutumbukum - whole Earth is our family. This doesn't apply only to humans, but to all forms of live - animals, birds, plants even bacterias! The whole family is one. Humans don't have a copyright on Earth."

[in reply to a question about 'atma' and 'paramatma']
"Atma (Self, feeling of Being) and Paramatma (Supreme Self, God) are words of female gender. Atma holds our existence. Since Earth holds everybody's existence, it would be appropriate that She be called Paramatma - the supreme Goddess (Earth is also of female gender!)."

Q: What's the difference between physical world and the astral world?
"The difference is the same as between your body and your mind. Your breath and mind are invisible but your body isn't. Still, your body is an outcome (manifestation) of the invisible (mind and breath). Its similar to the five elements in our belief system - that they form together into this visible gross world. If something is intangible doesn't mean it doesn't exist. People started saying what is invisible is the truth, and what is visible is not. That's not correct, they both co-exist. Together, they form us, our being as parts of Mother Earth. Our breath and thoughts are not visible, Earth's are not either.

"Yoga word literally means Union, eternal union. As we discussed earlier, to become real children we have to form communication with Mother Earth. You've seen Kutastha, right? Doesn't it look like Earth with outer atmosphere?. It is said that Super Consciousness is the result of Yoga. Super consciousness doesn't come from anywhere, its all around us. With constant practice, the yogi gradually becomes more and more aware of this super-consciousness and once he is fully aware then only forms a connectivity with Earth consciousness! That is what Lahiri Mahasaya called Kutastha Chaitanya, full awareness of Earth's consciousness at all times. Every yogi experiences that. But this is the most difficult task. Imagine one who is billions of years old, how difficult it would be to communicate with Her. What'll be Her heart rate, generations pass away in Her mere blink!"

[From a different discussion about Samarasatva, or Equanimity]
"Earth does not differentiate between castes, nationalities, races or even species. She provides to us all, equally. There's no distinction in Her nature between sinners or divine! She provides for us all, treats us all equally. This is in essence, Samarasatva - Equanimity of Mind."

[discussion about Indian science of Mummification ..]
"This Indian system of mummification is known only to a few Yogi masters. In that body never disintegrates... its not very complicated. The whole idea behind it is how to link up your existence with Mother Earth. All these are just different ways to establish our identity. Only Sidda (Master) Yogis use this system. They become real children of Earth. Siddha Yogis are immortal; if Earth accepts you as Her own, who can ever harm you!"

[about Mother Earth's human form]
"Earth's human form is very beautiful! A very beautiful dark woman donning green and sometimes reddish brown sari. Sometimes She appears sitting in padmasan (lotus posture), with fresh green baali in one hand feeding a parrot and wearing mysterious kinds of ornaments and jewelry.

"This awareness of Mother Earth is very important. Our lives are most insignificant compared to Hers. That is why we can't communicate with her. This communication should be developed for human race to be successful. Who knows, may be She is ill and we are the viruses! Think about all the ecological and environmental problems that we have created. Earth is our God, our Mother, our everything. Everybody is a part of Earth, their heart knows She's special even if they deny on face. She supports all forms of life but nobody even looks at her! They'd rather gaze at the sky for some hypothetical god! We should be grateful to Earth, our everything depends on Her. Yet She is rarely worshipped formally.. Its a real secret, you'll live as long as Earth if She accepts you as Her son.

At least now we are down to earth!"

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